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Cancellation ration increased without sellers fault


I’ve been selling on a Fiverr for a year now and this is a real downer for me.
99% Of my cancellations are caused by buyer:

  • mistakenly orders
  • doesn’t provide required information or doesn’t show up for months then I cancel the order

And in this cases, this hurt my order completion rate. Which is simply not fair.
My order completion is 93%
which is crazy. Because only 11 orders are canceled out of 210

That’s like 5.23%

So it should be 95% then.
also the LATE deliveries are killing me. The buyer doesn’t respond and then I have to deliver the order, then he requests the revision, then i’m late…
or i send an extra, and it’s late again.

This system is so forked up


Screw the system! I totally feel you. I’m not happy with it as well… :sweat_smile:

Yet we have to tolerate it because it’s all we’ve got for the moment. life!


Did you deliver 210 orders in the last 60 days? or in the last year?
your OCR is calculated over the last 60 days.


Oh, that makes sense.
but anyways.
I am terrified of this that anyone can order -> cancel == hurt me.
Where can I pledge my case? Can I even do that.


I know that’s really annoying, and the worst its outside of your own control.
It’s the most complained topic about this new rating system.

The more people complain about it and/or let Fiverr Support know about this, the higher the chances that they -might- do something about it… for now we are basically ffd…


Consider increasing your prices. I saw your 5$ gigs. That’s the best advice someone gave me on this forum a couple of months ago. I have much less suffering.


You can pledge it but expect a canned response hahaha


It doesn’t matter how much your gigs are - there will always be somebody who orders without reading.

By all means raise your prices of course, but it won’t solve the ‘ordered by mistake’ problem.


DId you receive something that you need to edit your gigs?
I just got notification they mentioning some articles and blog posts what does that have to do with my gigs.


No - nothing recently. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - is this what you were referring to?


Yes. I honestly don’t have time to even check it out.