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Cancellation Reasons


I just had a buyer cancel an order because “the footage you used contains people of color and Chinese. We don’t have them here in (Not going to say what portion of what country). Do you have any all white footage?”


I sent him 30 seconds of Christmas snow, with a note saying this is the whitest footage I have.
He was not amused, but the order was fast-tracked to cancellation at that point.

Ya gotta laugh. Its good for the soul!

Happy Monday. Keep on fiverring!



Oh, my! I’m confused as to how I feel about that. It’s either a great deal of respect for their honesty or offended by their honesty. Either :slight_smile: or :frowning: .

I’m Asian and I’ve heard worse. This may be touchy subject, so I won’t post details. :wink:


Hilarious. I can’t stop laughing​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


My grandmother with her southern wisdom had a saying (I’m going into grandma voice now) "Markie boy, you gotta let things roll off you, like water off of a duck’s butt (she didn’t use the word “butt”)!..and so I do.
I’m not sure how that translates across cultures, but I’m sure everyone will get the crux of the saying.
I was neither offended, nor shocked. People are people, so I just laughed and keep it moving. These gigs ain’t gonna deliver themselves :smile:


Ewww! :frowning: That grosses me out so much that a human person would say that. So what if there aren’t any black or Asian people there? I mean, I know that places like that exist. I have lived in NH…and the suburbs outside of Boston…Still, why does that matter? Does that really affect the information given in the video? I don’t get why it matters if the people in the video don’t look like them.What a tool bag :confused:


#God knows for how long!


Always keep in mind your client’s target audience. If I’m selling a make money seminar in Nigeria, am I going to use white people in my Facebook ad? No, that doesn’t make sense in a country that’s 99.99% black.

Besides, clients will surprise you. There’s this water bottle company in America with an African name, and an African story. You’d think they would love a commercial that celebrates that, with African drums and an announcer with a deep voice like James Earl Jones. Guess what? They hated the idea. Instead they wanted to be boring like Zephyrilis and Evian.You try to honor their brand, and they spit on you.

This is why you can’t assume anything about clients. Now if this footage is fixed and can’t be changed, I would add a diversity disclaimer in your gig description.

But if you really want to make money, then I recommend having footage for Asians, Blacks, Whites, Arabs, and Latinos, then you can deliver accordingly.


Not the same thing. If you KNOW you’re selling a make money seminar in Nigeria, then you plan accordingly.
Conversely, if you’re hired to make a video using stock footage of business people your mind wouldn’t…or shouldn’t’ go straight towards black/white/market demographics.

There is no need to add a diversity disclaimer in my gig description. THAT makes no sense to me at all.
The clips I use/purchase/have access to are diverse, as is the world. I’d rather “assume” the world sees footage of people as just people, instead of 1 black person, 2 Asian and 3 Caucasians. For the 1 out of 1200 gigs that gets canceled, I’ll take it. If specific footage, as in a Brazilian trailer done in Spanish that requires footage to match the intended audience in South America…THAT makes sense and should be requested upfront.

I’ve done over 800 videos this year, only 200 or so have been on Fiverr… I’ve got it covered. I didn’t paste the correspondence here because of the rules, but its a matter of more than principle…particularly if you’re black.


Well, I don’t know what gig you’re talking about, you could copy and paste the gig title. That’s not against the rules.

All I know is that people want specific footage. Some want the city, the country, beaches, farmers, urban people, etc. Some want diversity, some don’t want it. The more options you have, the more you can sell.

Not everyone wants or likes diversity. Remember Shea Moisture?

"SheaMoisture is the latest company to apologize after landing in hot water over a controversial ad.

In a new campaign posted Monday, the hair and skincare company featured three women, one black and two white, embracing their natural hair. While the ad was presented as upbeat, SheaMoisture’s traditionally black customer base took issue over a lack of representation of different hair types and textures, as well as apparent abandonment of their traditionally loyal customers, mocking the brand for what was being called an “#allhairmatters” approach and ignoring their loyal demographic."
Source: People Magazine.

See? That’s the price you pay when you try to include everyone, never mind that Shea Moisture has lots of different target audiences and probably advertises all over.

Perhaps ads in the future will feature robots or mannequins or just cartoons to be “inclusive.”

So you see? Maybe the diversity disclaimer, or just some description about the racial makeup in the video will be helpful. People need to know what they’re getting before they order. Otherwise, you’re just going to waste time and lose money.


I think your response was brilliant.

Along those lines, I’ve been hired to voice a video for a predominately African American church, highlighting one of the upcoming events. (I think they were playing the video at/before/after a church service.)

If I had been me doing the casting, I would have selected someone else, but for their reason they wanted my standard American voice.

They rated it well, and purchased again. Go figure. While there are a few like your buyer, the diversity culture continues to grow.

Again, hats off to you for your sense of humor. Love it.


I’m curious how they would know that. They have personally checked? :slight_smile: I’d like to say I can’t believe it, but I’ve met a few people who think like that.


Quote of the day. hats off to your grandma.


I think we’ve (you and I) have lost something in the threads as far as communication goes. I get what you’re saying, I do. What I’m saying is if someone asks for footage of green rolling hills, a pint of Killians, and the Bohemians playing at Dalymount Park because…IRISH, then that make sense.
If someone just asks me for office footage or people working, walking, meeting, and using mobile devices in the offer, NOTHING about that says “Please exclude anyone darker than a caramel apple”. He didn’t ask until AFTER the order was delivered (watermarked, of course). He assumed, I’m assuming, that through trans-international osmosis that I knew he wanted his clips whitewashed.
We can agree to disagree on this point.
Yayyy diversity!!!


If I knew that I was promoting dog food, no.
If I was told to have animals eating food in footage without being told that it was for a dog food ad, then maybe, but assuming the masses share your views and the realities of that thought are seldom the same.
You’re making an assumption on information not provided by the buyer.
Next question…


? explain :slight_smile:pl