Cancellation request, Buyer Vs Seller?


Does it make any difference if a buyer sends a cancellation request first or a seller send a cancellation request first? If yes, which one is in favor of seller?


There has been some speculation thrown around on forum that if the Buyer starts the Mutual Cancellation it will have a negative effect.

Personally and factually I have not seen any effect as to who started it. I have sent and received MC either way.


Someone told me that if a buyer sends it, its fine while if its other way around, it puts a bad impression on seller’s profile.


Theoretically, if the seller sends a cancellation request first.


Thanks for the clarification.


Remember it IS a theory, @taverr hasn’t published his findings on the latest technical journals yet…


hahaha right…:joy:


Mutual Cancellation doesn’t effect your profile, either way