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Cancellation request toxicity

I had a customer order one of my gigs using the wrong gig, but I knew what he wanted, and he was a repeat customer. I let him know it would throw off my analytics and stopped short of saying that he could subsequently use my delivery to show I sent the wrong product or didn’t do the work requested. He apologized and said he’d be careful next time or whatever. We communicated to set up future work and today I got 5 orders from him. Under the wrong gig. This not only throws off my stats (conversion rate - how well a gig performs) but leaves me open to claims of delivering other than what was requested. Our messages clearly show what the deal was, but a customer service ticket is just another waste of time. The real pisser is that the gigs he ordered reduce my deliver time limit from four days to one day. I just spent 4.5 hrs to get this out of the way, including this rant. I still have to get pictures together for the order to continue being the diligent seller that I want to be.

Cancellations and reorders are time consuming and I don’t know if they can make me look bad. Is there a better topic to post this under? Should I be a dick? This guy seems intelligent enough to click the correct gig, but this is gone.

I’ve seen gigs that say to read the entire gig carefully before ordering, perhaps in bold, but I feel like writing, “Hey DBs. RTFM or leave,” in 48 pt bold flashing red.

Thanks in advance.

You have a satisfied, repeat buyer that just purchased 5 more gigs. It’s for a service you offer, albeit on a different gig. It sounds like a win-win, except the delivery time. Personally, I wouldn’t want to risk offending this buyer. It sounds like a pretty good relationship overall. You might consider adjusting your gigs to all have the same delivery time.

Ok. This customer seems ok. I think I’ll go with my gut feeling and try to prevent this in the future.

Some buyers do this as a means to avoid paying extra for fast delivery. I would be suspicious of such a buyer especially since you discussed ordering the correct gig beforehand. Trying to get the best deal is OK. Trying to undercut a seller is another. You alone can decide which case this buyer falls under.

Like @typingservice said, having the same delivery time for all gigs is what other sellers with similar complaints have done. This might be the best, non-offensive strategy. :slight_smile:

Actually, the gig he should have ordered was for two quick reviews of 200 words each and what he ordered was for one review of 200 words. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe he forgot and clicked on the last bookmark or link that he used - whatever a seller does to reorder.

Believe me, he knew what he was doing. I had that happen all the time. I ended up adjust the time limit on all my gigs to avoid getting stuck with 1 day delivery time.