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Cancellation right after order

Good morning everyone!

I’m a new seller, uploaded my gig around 1 month ago and managed to get around 25 orders already.
I’m starting to get regular clients already which makes me happy but yesterday I had one particular client:

This client makes an order for my translation gig without prior messaging me and wants to cancel 5 minutes later. He states that he ordered by mistake.
If I accept the cancellation this will affect negatively on my gig, right?
Should I send a message to Fiverr Support and see what they can do about it?

I don’t want anything like this to lower my Order Completion rate.


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You could ask CS if they could cancel it without it affecting your completion rate or without it affecting the evaluations.

Its better to contact support if they have any other solution but cancellation an order will effect your profile anyway…:thinking:

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In normal circumstances I would understand that.
But in this case there’s literally nothing I can do, that’s why I consider it a bit unfair :S

No it won’t be good advice because you’d put your account at risk by contacting or using payments outside Fiverr and it would be against the Fiverr TOS. If/when Fiverr knows they’ll at least give a warning.


It will affect your cancellation and there is something you cannot always contact Fiverr Customer Support to cancel gig without affecting your gig ratings.

Something I do not understand is in the past 5 years I have seen Ordered by cancellation reason many times, How can a buyer order by cancel when there are several steps before you commit an order.

Immediate Cancellation right after the order must be revised and it should affect a sellers rating in any way. I have had so many of such cancellations and they not only affect your order completion percentage but also drop your gig from search listing.