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Cancellation scam!


Aloah fellow fiverrites!

Lately I’ve had quite a few people buy my gig and after delivery leave a positive remark etc etc only to receive an email a week later that the gig was cancelled by fiverr.

Nothing else, just “Your gig was cancelled by the Fiverr Support”.

After opening Support tickets the explanation was that these Buyers had opened accounts, purchased gigs and then closed shop! (Probably using fake paypal accs etc) Leaving me with a delivered gig that didn’t bring me any money…

I’ve had 3 such cases… out of 20 sales!

Obviously this annoys me like hell… anybody else having this problem atm?


If I may wildly speculate?

Your sole gig: Provide 50,000 blog comment backlinks. Interesting.

Let’s skip to the boring, yet “most likely” explanation: It may be one of your fellow sellers. Like m-okay well no, not me. but, you know, someone local involved in related work.


I have a bunch of Gigs that I’ve suspended due to the fact that I hate working for free (who doesn’t?) And I’ve been thinking about how to proceed.

I had ANOTHER case yesterday, wanting the same service for the same website as the one before, I reported it and the account was immediately banned.

SO just watch out, I’ve heard other people complain about similar cases.


This is an issue Fiverr is looking into. Just make sure you report any suspicious behaviour to Fiverr Customer Support straight away.

I know there have been a few cases of PayPal actually blocking the payment to Fiverr too but the buyer is then invited to re-buy the gig :slight_smile:


The most annoying thing about the whole fiasco is that due to the fact that they cancel it… it counts towards your cancellation rate! I now have a cancellation rate of over 20% even though I’ve only ever had one cancellation (and that was mutual)… Damnit this sucks!


Nothing… he’s just going around spamming every post so he can show off his images promoting himself.


Reply to @est1990: Obvious as hell too…