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Cancellation timer going up

So I requested a cancellation, it has now passed the 48 hours mark. It said the order will be cancelled in 1 minute & now every minute past the time, it is adding time on, so its now saying it will be cancelled in 10 minutes for example.

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This is happening for some years now - and the same used to happen when an order was auto-completing, when Fiverr used to show how many minutes were left until it autocompleted.

But now Fiverr doesn’t show anymore the number of minutes before an order autocompletes, probably because of this same bug, so I bet they’ll stop showing the number of minutes for auto-cancellations in the near future.

You could send CS a note about it, but considering that this is a problem for several years, I doubt anything will change.


Ahh thank you, so the thing will never cancel? haha

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Yes, it will cancel, don’t worry - it just doesn’t cancel perfectly on time.

If it’s troubling you, you could imagine that the counter is bugged, but internally there could be a real counter that could actually be working :slight_smile:

But I do realize it can be a pain if, before that minute passes, the buyer/seller refuses, in which case the timer might restart :grimacing:


Ahh ok that’s good to know then, ill leave it over night & hopefully it will sort itself out haha.

Thanks for your help.

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I have exactly the same issue.

Following what woofy31 said, I will wait. Perhaps this order will be cancelled shortly.

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Order Cancelled !

25 minutes after the time limit.