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Cancellation [Titled Edited]


Hello everybody.

I have an order from a customer which I delivered on time. The buyer responded (requested a revise) that they like the delivery and want some changes, however the buyer said that, as they are busy, so they would contact after 1 or two days.

In these three days, we had some conversations where the buyer sent some additional things also to be added to the project while revising.

Suddenly a day ago I received a notification from Fiverr and said that the order has been cancelled by the buyer and money has been refunded back to the buyer account.

First, I contacted CSC to know about the matter. But as usual they said that the order has been cancelled by the buyer.

Though I understand that the buyer can cancel the order any time before the delivery, but as once the order has been delivered, then, I think so, the buyer can not cancel the order (Please correct me if I am wrong)

Meanwhile I was communicating with the Fiverr team, I got a message again from the buyer with two additional changes requests in the project. (Please note that this message was sent from buyer on order page the time I had received cancellation message from Fiverr and I had already stopped from communicating with the buyer on the said order page).

These all event goes like

I delivered the order

The buyer replies

In between took place some messages which are not necessary to show here

Again a reply from the buyer

I was waiting to have a reply with the requested changes from the buyer side

Suddenly I got a message from Foverr that the buyer has cancelled the order

But look despite of cancellation of order the buyer is still able to communicate with me, and still suggesting some changes

In this time I decided to send the buyer a inbox message and know that why he opted to cancel the order. here it goes with the buyer reply


Well Brother Osam:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This sounds really strange. The only possibility I can see that the buyer used fraudulent card/PayPal etc and when the owner found out they cancelled all transactions that your buyer made. That’s the only explanation I can find…

I would advise you to contact CS again. At first they always give a generic answer. Try to explain the situation and that it looks like buyer wasn’t aware of cancellation and ask them what was the issue and the reason for cancelling. Also att h this screenshots as evidence

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@ mariashtelle1

Yes, I think so. You are right BTW

But who will compensate my loss? Having spent number of days on preparing this project for the buyer and at the end lost money with negative rating in the form of order cancellation.


You need to contact customer support and let them know about this. I can’t see any reason why or how it was cancelled. It was not a Paypal chargeback so customer support must have cancelled it for some reason.

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This is the first time I am seeing this type of case. Oftentimes, when an orders cancels, we see that buyer account is banned and the seller is not able to contact with the buyers. But not in this case.
My other thing to point is how can a buyer still contact on a cancelled order page? And didn’t he see that big red message that the order is cancelled?
I seriously don’t know what happened here. CS is telling a whole different story.


Fiverr has come with this reply. I am surprised how Fiverr says that the buyer has cancelled the order, where the buyer says he has not



You need a better explanation from customer support. Tell them it was not cancelled by the buyer nor you, nor by Paypal and this must be an error of the system.

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Friend, by the way, last night (a day after the order was cancelled) my account has also been restricted on the base of charges that I had shared personal information with the buyer.

Yes, I had shared my personal contact info and for that I was given penalty once on 31 December, 2018. After 31 December, I have never shared my personal contact info with any buyer.

Another thing of surprise for me is that, how Fiverr can punish me for a mistake twice.


So that must be why it was cancelled, because your account is restricted.

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No I do not think so, this can be the reason.

The order was cancelled one day before the restriction message. Moreover, I had two more orders pending after the restrictions, then why those two have not been cancelled?

As for now, I have delivered one order and still have one order in pending which delivery is due by 3 days.


How are you going to continue to work with a restricted account?

Is your account under your name on the forum? I can’t find it.


The account has been restricted just for inbox messages and taking new orders.

While working on the already taken orders is not restricted. And I am able to communicate on existing orders page (Not through inbox)


What is the username of your account? Is it the same as here on the forum? If so your account is gone as far as I can tell.


Yes, it is the same. May be its not searchable due to restriction. You may reach it by typing the URL


No it’s gone. You probably can’t withdraw any funds from it.


Lets see it.
I think the funds can still be withdrawn if the account is blocked.


I have never mislead people. I have shown you all the conversation took place regarding this issue. The purpose of showing this is that there must be a system which is equally transparent for buyers as well as sellers.


Your thread title is very misleading.

From the ToS:
Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service

You broke the ToS, so your account’s been restricted and your gigs removed.

There is - your account was suspended and the funds returned to the buyer as the order wouldn’t complete in the way it usually does. All very transparent, and per the ToS.


That reply was to a different person :wink:

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