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Cancellation vs Negative review


A single cancellation or a single negative review, which is worse?


Cancellations seem to make a gig go lower in search results, hence losing exposure to customers.

Negative reviews seem to make buyers wary about ordering, hence directly losing customers.

I think both are equally bad, it’s just that negative reviews have a longer incubation period until they start to have a really bad impact.

Note: you should never choose to cancel just to avoid a negative review - that’s against the site’s rules.


Great advice. I like to read your replies to various issues posted on form.
Always knowledgable


What exactly does the rule say? And then what about money back guarantees?


Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? If not, it’s a good idea to do it, so you don’t break the rules (and possibly get yourself banned).

It’s not allowed to exchange refunds for feedback removal.


It depends on your point of view.

If you really cannot stand to get a negative review since you are a new seller and are afraid no one will ever hire you if you get one, then that is much worse. If you don’t care if you get a negative review as much since you are already established with many good reviews, a cancelation might be seen as worse.


Both are bad. But a cancellation is better off than a negative review.
And trust me, I’ve been into customer service for 20 + years.
Some people will give a negative feedback, no matter how happy they were from the service.
Some people like the “feeling” of empowerment they get by knowing they can stamp someone down, even if the other person has done everything possible.
That is why some people in certain part of the world believe in something called “Karma”. “Karma” will take care. Do not worry.


Thanks guys. You have been helpful.


yes i got my answer , its so helpful thanks @Woofy31


Exchanging refunds for feedback removal is different from mutually cancelling a job in progress where no review has been given yet.


Like @catwriter said, this is not allowed. It is against the rules of Fiverr. Don’t do it.


I’m in a similar situation, at the fault of the buyer.

They ordered my gig, I completed their order per their answers to the order requirements and sent a preview of the final product. They said, “I do not like it”. I was unable to get a response to what they would like to change - I only got a handful of random images and incoherent phrases.

I’m assuming that the buyer is not a strong english speaker, and also didn’t read the gig description before placing their order. Would it be better to deliver the order, and possibly get a bad review, or to cancel the order, as I am unable to successfully communicate with my buyer?


It depends on how much a bad review will hurt your sales.

If you have lots of 5 star reviews and it won’t hurt your rating overall, you can deliver it to them.

If they are unable to communicate well and don’t say what’s wrong with it that’s what I would do, simply deliver it and stand my ground and not refund or cancel.


Ok. Thank you so much.

I’m going to deliver it and stand my ground.