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Cancellation without Communication


I recently had a pretty frustrating situation. I was unable to complete an order because the seller did not give me information I needed, or maintain any contact with me. I sent several messages explaining to the seller that gig would not be able to be completed without some needed information. He failed to respond, and then cancelled my gig and wrote a bad review. This has drastically hurt my profile and honestly damaged my morale. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can correct the situation? Will customer support remove the bad review for me?


How did he (was it a buyer who purchased from you or a seller from whom you purchased? I’m assuming the former) cancel the gig and leave a bad review? Unless the gig was very late (or if you delivered the gig, he left a bad review, and then asked to cancel the order), he wouldn’t be able to leave a bad review and get his money back.

If he cancelled the order by just letting it run extremely late, you’ll get an automatic negative review like “cancelled order! seller failed to deliver on time,” or something like that.

If you can prove to CS that you tried multiple times to get in touch with the buyer and that he did not respond, they might (heavy emphasis on “might” here), remove the review. It’s more likely that they’ll just tell you that if a buyer places an order and doesn’t give you the necessary information, you should ask for a mutual cancellation at the very beginning, instead of waiting and hoping that buyer gets back to you.

However, in my early days, I force-cancelled an order where the buyer was being absolutely unreasonable and refusing every request to cancel, despite being told there was no way I was going to be able to complete his demands. I’m not even sure if that’s something sellers can do anymore, but anyway, I was slapped with a negative mark on my gig, which I felt was extremely unfair, considering the entire thing was the buyer’s fault (what he wanted me to do had nothing to do with my gig and he did not message me beforehand to see if I could/would do it).

I went to CS with a polite note–and I should emphasize the importance of being polite–asking why I got a negative tick on my gig when I didn’t actually do anything wrong, and though they explained that it was policy at the time, they also said they would make an “exception” and remove it. Anyway–it’s worth a try?


As this may be frustrating, I definitely recommend seeing what customer support will do for you. I know for a fact you were very communicative when I order from you. I hope this gets resolved soon as customers like that drive me crazy myself.


Thank you for the advice. I did contact Customer Support with proof of my attempt at contact. I’m sure all will be well. I’m feeling better today about this, and remain hopeful.


I’ve had something similar happen and Customer Support were brilliant about it. They cancelled the gig on my behalf and I didn’t end up with any negative feedback as a result. I can’t understand why, when my gig specifically requests a file, someone would buy a gig and not supply the info. I do wondering if the buyer charge was introduced to try and combat this a little as presumably that money will not be refunded.

academictext said: I do wondering if the buyer charge was introduced to try and combat this a little as presumably that money will not be refunded.
That money isn't "refunded", but when the buyer cancels and uses their Fiverr credit on another gig, they don't get charged the $.50 again.