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I’ll be bluntly honest: I’m quite annoyed that my cancellation percentage is being affected as a result of clumsy clients who lack the ability to read or ask questions prior the order. This has resulted in a 24% cancellation percentage on my whiteboard animations simply because I’ve had ridiculous orders which have nothing to do with my gig. Additionally, I am unable to get the cancellation percentage changed as a result. In total I have 4 cancels on my whiteboard animations.

Also, one of the cancellations was simply a client changing her mind, which puts me at a disadvantage.

What are your thoughts on this?


It’s a huge issue! Why they decided to display this in the new V2 verse supplying sellers with a “reject order” option is beyond me. I think I can safety say 99% of sellers think this is a major flaw and need to be removed.

Sellers can explain “why” the ratios are so high, one of my gig has a 34% ratio because people have purchased my gig for work I don’t advertise and even state that I won’t do in my description.

This also buyers sabotage, buyer placing orders only to instantly cancel or hurt sellers displayed ratios and ratings. Let’s hope this gigs fixed asap!


It is an issue, I agree. However I suppose that those buyers that use the cancellation option because they ‘accidently’ bought something or just wanted to check out services without having to buy something, still will be around regardless of whatever the kind of options on offer.


I just ranted about this too, directly to Support. They said there is nothing they can do except suggest that I will counter the high cancellation percentrage by completing orders.

One guy wanted me to read the 21 page first chapter of his book and then convert it into a stage play…all for $5. He refused to order extra gigs to cover my time, so he cancelled. All because he couldn’t read where I said “$5 gets you 2-3 page outline for your story.” Ugh.

PLEASE come up with an alternative soon!