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Cancellations after delivering work i reject the request and customer support cancelled what the **** is this?

It’s a very shamefull and can lead to abuse? So now i can also do something like that it’s possible on fiverr. Now i can buy a gig from the fiverr after the buyer deliver me the work i will get the work and request the Customer support to cancel the order by making any reason and they will cancel the order without listening the buyer. I have suffered from this multiple times . One order was 500$ .Shameless buyers and useless customer support of fiverr for sellers.


No, you can’t. First of all, you need to straighten out seller vs. buyer to make your point more clear, but if a buyer complain to Support, they generally need a legitimate reason to ask for a cancellation. Fiverr Support routinely tells buyers to go back to the seller and work things out even after a complaint. If Support canceled an order for a buyer, it’s due to one of three things:

1.) If the buyer had a legitimate complaint and provided proof to Support that they did not receive what you promised, Support has a right to cancel the order. This is especially true if the buyer asked you to fix a problem and you refused or if the buyer asked you to cancel after a poor delivery and you refused. You can typically tell if this is the issue if a buyer recently asked you for a revision or cancellation that went badly.

2.) If a buyer used a stolen credit card or fraudulent payment method, or if they just planned to steal the work, the buyer may have submitted a chargeback request on their credit card or PayPal. In this case the buyer did not contact Support directly, they contacted PayPal/Card and reported a fraud. PayPal then notifies Fiverr that the money is being returned to the buyer. Fiverr loses the money including their own commission and the order is marked as canceled. When a buyer does this, they are breaking the rules on Fiverr and their account is blocked. You can tell if this applies to your situation by looking at the buyer’s account. If the account is no longer active, this is what happened.

Some buyers do shameful things. Customer Support usually does try to make a buyer work things out for everyone if possible because they don’t want to lose their commission either. To call Support useless is not fair and is rude (and it also violates the forum rules.) Sometimes Support agents do make mistakes since they are human, and that’s unfortunately, but it does not make all of the Support agents useless.


No, i have delivered on time and made everything . Fullfilled all the requirements and my order is cancelled on buyer request by customer support . it happened with me multiple times. And it can be used as an abuse . Buyer can make any little reason and the order will cancelled by Customer support.


They don’t even listen to the sellers . How can it be justified cancelling an order without asking from the seller .


I just explained to you that most of the time, Support DOES tell the buyer to go back to the seller and try to work it out. If the buyer shows proof that the delivery wasn’t as promised, Fiverr may decide to cancel the order for the buyer. That is fair enough if the buyer shows proof.

It is more likely that the buyer just filed a chargeback and didn’t inform you or Fiverr. In that case, Fiverr has to cancel the order because the money is removed from Fiverr’s account too.

Does the buyer’s account still exist on Fiverr?


Both account exists on fiverr . it happened with me two times in last week. ? can an order be cancelled if the buyer don’t like the work?Answer is no in the FAQs of fiverr as they have an option to rate the work. But Now it’s happening on fiverr


The answer is no if the buyer received exactly what was offered in the gig description or custom quote. Apparently, in your case, Support agreed that the buyer had a legitimate complaint. I’m sorry this happened to you, have you tried asking the buyers for their feedback to help you improve? If you ask them in a professional way, you might avoid this in the future.

It is possible that Support could have made a mistake, but they do serve as advocates for both buyers and sellers. If you disagree that is fine and you can vent about it, but you cannot engage in any form of name-calling about Fiverr users or staff. So, you can complain but do not call the Support representatives words like “useless.” I wish you the best of luck in avoiding more cancellations.


Were both of these for your gig to make a website?

You have lots of great reviews. Is it possible that something was left out of the website you made for someone?

I know that customer support will not cancel an order without a good reason. I’m trying to figure out what might have happened here.

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i deal with my buyers very politely . i am just going little rude in the forum as CS did against fiverr policy as mentioned in the faqs? and i did all work according to my gig description so how can they cancel the order? and how can they decide without discussing with seller. I am a web developer . my buyer requested 15 page website . I delivered 15 pages website on time. and offered the multiple revisions. But the order cancelled by customer support on buyer request . and i lost 500$ work.and buyer ran with that big amount of work

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Did you upload the website onto the clients server?

:confused: given the amount and probably a lot of time you invested into this project, I understand your frustration. This is also something in the back of my mind, what if something goes wrong and I receive an unjustified chargeback. Unfortunately, I know that this can happen, in theory, any time. Online, a buyer always has ways to get the money back, this is an unfortunate truth and there will always be people trying to cheat the system, especially when one uses paypal to pay in which case it is not up to fiverr to make a decision.

You are frustrated now, and this may not be the last time this will happen but I see that you are doing quite well with 82 reviews equaling a 4.9 score. You have no option other than moving on and concentrating on all of the positive buyers you had so far and will come in the future.

thanks alot, it was reallly helpful.

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Yes i have sent the files to the user in the order.

Unfortunately we can only hear your side of the story here. If it wasn’t a chargeback then there might be a valid reason for the cancellation.
I’ve delivered 90+ orders on Fiverr and over 250 outside of Fiverr. I’ve never had a cancellation where customer just requested a refund without any explanation nor chargebacks.
If you have 2 cancellations in a week then it could be that something was wrong with the site.

You can contact CS and ask what was the reason if you really don’t know.

See the Reason? Buyer mentioned me Before order to make the website in php mysql and he sent me psd’s . I converted them to html and made in php mysql and then he told me need it in wordpress I said him i will convert it into wordpress but will take some more time and i even said i will do that in free. But he requested cancellation. As i delivered what he asks in the order requirements . I rejected the cancellation and then after one day order cancelled by customer support. So according to the rules i delivered what he requested in order requirement and order should not be cancelled

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Not everyone can upload files to form a website. They might not know how to do it correctly. This might be where your problem lies with these cancellations. If I bought a site from you, I would want you to upload the files to my site and make sure everything works.

No , he was able to see my work he asked me about some modifications after viewing the work and i started working on modifications without making any excuse or asking more budget

If the buyer specifically asked for the website in php/mysql then you don’t have to redo it in WordPress. You should have asked for a new order and if they didn’t agree then you can go to CS.

Right now you made the mistake of agreeing to redo everything in WP.

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I did not ask if he was able to see your work. I asked if you uploaded it to his server.

I am trying to help. As I said, some people cannot upload files for a site. They do not know how. If you sent him files for a site and he could not get it to work on his server, this might be your problem.

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I wanted some help is it fine if I message you?