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Cancellations after delivering work i reject the request and customer support cancelled what the **** is this?

What you mean of both account exists on fiverr? Are you using 2 accounts?

No-one on this forum can help you with anything Bilal, we can nod and agree with your problem, but there is literally nothing anyone can do about your situation.

You know better than anybody else about what really happened and you should contact CS with your side of the story (which I assume you did already). But from my experience and from what I gathered from reading all the other similar posts about problems with clients, 99% of the time CS will side with the buyer and will happily refund the money to your customer if there is even a slightest hint that something wasn’t right.
It is pretty confusing, because sellers are the one who make them money, but for whatever reason, that is the way it is.

Alot of people will protest this, but always assume the worst about a client, work only within the framework of your gig and try to read everything you can about your rights as a seller, when CS discards your requests, you need to prove to them why they should take you seriously and you do it by sending them copies of their own ToS.

no, i only offered to do that in revision. my order was in revision as buyer was not completing it. and customer support cancelled order in revision

i am just highlighting the issue . it can be used as an abuse by buyers. and really buyer can get work in free from fiverr. Just buy a gig . When seller deliver the order create a dispute by making a little reason and then request the customer support to cancel the’s very simple i am not kidding. Customer support cancelling orders with little reasons those can be easily made on any order.

Of course Bilal and not only that, but your competitor can buy your gig, make you waste your time to do all the work, leave you a negative review and then cancel the order even after completing it. Your completed order will be cancelled, your money will be gone and you will have a negative review.

I have read a post about this yesterday, where the seller knew exactly that his competitor bought the gig, because he used the same profile to buy it from and even this didn’t stop CS from siding with the buyer as I recall. But if your competitor uses a different account, then you will never prove anything.

As a seller, you are a just one order away from losing money, wasting your time, having an unjust bad review on your profile, losing your future earning. Be cautious of every buyer and know your rights.

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Rebuilding the site on WordPress is not a revision. You can’t do anything about it now, but in the future don’t accept work that was not outlined in the proposal

I get you’re frustrated, but you’re exaggerating :slight_smile: .
You could have handled this entire situation very differently and I hope next time you will.

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Leave it your luck!! If you have tried your level best and offered your utmost help to the buyer then don’t feel bad about it. You have done whatever was there in your reach. I leave these cases to the “Luck”.

honestly speaking i contacted the customer support 2 days before cancellation. They said you should resolve the issue with buyer and try to negotiate with buyer so that you can resolve the issue with mutual benefit

I feel your pain and I agree with you. Whoever worked on Fiverr will face with the same issue at least once during their Fiverr endeavor and then they too will understand.

Forget about it and move on. It is painful, I know, but there is nothing that can be done.

My advice would be to be as much as detailed as possible with your buyers and clearly indicate what they will receive from your service.

I’m afraid you won’t find much sympathy here. A lot of people have experienced the same situation. The topic is just too taboo for discussion. The best thing you can do is:

  1. Stop offering high-value gigs. If someone wants a $500 website, make them pay in 5 x $100 installments
  2. Add a disclaimer to your gigs (in the FAQ section) or in your deliver messages saying something like:

"Please note: All work/content delivered by me belongs to you upon final payment as per Fiverr’s terms of service. Should payment later be reversed (for any reason), all rights revert exclusively to me. DCMA takedown requests will subsequently be filled with site hosts and requests filed with Google to have sites de-listed from searches. (I have a 100% success rate at protecting my copyright.)

  1. Watch out for the same buyer reordering from you using a different user name!

The last point is very important. From my own experience, the majority of buyers on Fiverr who attempt to pull off this kind of scam have several user accounts. Never, therefore, accept new orders from buyers whom your gut tells you are likely the same person. (Always get suspicious when local times displayed in messages don’t match a users physical location.)


It might work for some users, but I’ve never had an issue like this on or off Fiverr. Some might call it luck, but I believe it’s the hard work and hours I put into my proposals, vetting process and communication.

As I said before, we’re hearing only one side of the story. Fiverr doesn’t refund $500 order without a valid reason. If we knew the entire story we might see it differently.

I like the disclaimer, but I wouldn’t use it until you’ve tried everything else. Right now it feels like welcoming your clients with a baseball bat. :slight_smile:

Yeah, well sadly, this does happen. I had a buyer send me 17 messages. I told him repeatedly I could not work with him. I blocked him. He ordered anyway. I delivered. He immediately requested cancellation. I refused. CS cancelled the order for him.

The “it hasn’t happened to me yet” argument actually comes across as very condescending when you have had this happen to you.


No, He means two orders cancelled and both the buyers accounts are active.

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ohhhk :slight_smile:

No, I would prefer that you don’t and I appreciate that you asked first. There isn’t time to message with everyone who needs help. I suggest that you post about your questions in a new thread.

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It has happened to me too.
In my case, After delivering the work the buyer asked for a major change in the map drawing. I said OK I can do this. Next message, he was asking that how much will you charge for this? I said, please you consider my time and extra work and pay me after a fair justification. In the next message he was asking like (this is enough, please cancel the order.) I became surprised and canceled the order instantly, because I was afraid of cancellation by the buyer. I don’t like to lose my rating. The buyer cheated with me. It hurts me a lot.


That. Sounds. Terrible.

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Sure, no problem I understand I will make a new thread about it.

Sorry for your bad experience. I haven’t personally gone through this experience since I’ve only been active for a month, but I wouldn’t do any major changes for free. It’s unethical of the buyer to ask for free major changes, and in my opinion it’s not a good idea to make major changes without agreeing on the “fair compensation” before starting the work.

On the other hand, if you have underdelivered then it makes sense to request an extension free of charge so you can deliver the work that you originally agreed to deliver. I did this and I got a generous tip at the end.

I wish you the best of luck and that you don’t experience that again in the future.

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I get what you mean, I think you did the right thing there.

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