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Cancellations after order automatically marked complete?


Hi all,

So I did a big job for this person and delivered the work a few days ago welcoming him to let me know if he needs anything changed. I didn’t hear from the client. The order got automatically marked as complete a day or two ago. Now I received an email saying buyer cancelled the order and the money is refunded to their paypal account. I have no way of contacting the buyer as his user account is no longer appearing on fiverr. I am not sure what I can do. Is it just as simple as that for buyers to cancel after getting the delivery?

I have sent a support request to customer support because now the money has been taken back. will I ever see this money again?

Will appreciate your responses :slight_frown:


Sounds like a PayPal chargeback. :disappointed:

CS will help if they can, I’m sure. Have a search on the forum for more info about PayPal chargebacks.


More i am reading, this kind of things, more i am losing interest on fiverr. Fiverr need to come up with something which can protect seller money.


I know right! This is super disheartening. I really can only control my work and would like to be protected at least after the order has been delivered.


Fiverr does protect sellers - but, PayPal also protects buyers, even if their claim is somewhat spurious. This is why the OP’s buyer is no longer on Fiverr - Fiverr will have shut their account.

There have been cases where sellers who have had chargebacks have had their money refunded by CS I believe, so all’s not lost. :slight_smile:


In case you weren’t aware or forgot about Eoin’s post, PayPal now provides seller protection for services, too:

He also gives guidelines on what you should do and say to CS in order to take advantage of this new development.


Yes - that’s really good news, but not sure how it works with Fiverr being the ‘middle man’ - is Fiverr technically the seller, rather than the OP?


Closing someone account not going to help me to get back the money i earned. What i meant in earlier is the security for getting paid for the work i delivered. Fiverr taking 20% revenue for the work i do as platform charge, so it normal as seller i want to see fiverr protecting my money in this platform. This kind of things getting common.


Have you had it happen to you as well?

I must be lucky - it’s never happened to me (fingers crossed!). :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this. Let me give it a try and send another message to CS as suggested by this wonderful person who took the time to write that post.

I am awfully depressed now and don’t feel like working on the orders that I have got :sob:


It did not happened with me yet. But i already read 4 similar case. But i am afraid of it :wink:


No point in worrying about something that may never happen - there’s more to life than that!

You’re always going to read about ‘bad stuff’ on the forum, it’s human nature to rant when things go badly, but fewer people will come on and say ‘yeah, everything’s brilliant - I love Fiverr!’.

Enjoy the good stuff, and deal with the bad stuff later, if and when it comes! :slight_smile:


Not sure why the email I received says that “If the dispute is resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your Gig.” Paypal seems to be saying that they will give you the money back if there is sufficient evidence to show you delivered what was ordered. Should I ask CS if they know about it?

The guy obviously will not order again if he didn’t want to pay for it the first time.


That’s exactly what i thought and it is the case now.[quote=“lucygarrod, post:1, topic:157353”]
his user account is no longer appearing on fiverr

FIverr must have blocked his id cause what he did.
These thing’s happen and sorry that’s happen to you :disappointed:


Thanks, I just got a message from CS basically saying they have banned him from Fiverr and he won’t be able to do this again :frowning: I sent them a whole long email explaining that they need to contact Paypal on my behalf. Let’s see what becomes of this.

Does make you wonder the kind of people who are out there. I know everything about his business and he is not even scared that I could literally declare war on his business reputation after what he has done!


I have lost my almost $350 in chargeback in Jan 17 , Nothing has been done by CS except the buyer is on tracking system .