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Cancellations and bad rates

I honestly think those bad reviews because cancellations would have to be kept apart from the average rates. I mean, a cancellation does not say anything about the quality of our work, but when you just take a look at someone’s rates, you cannot know where the average comes from.It seems he or she is not good enough with their work and then you come to see that maybe the rate is excellent but has a couple of those cancellation “thumb down”. It seems that delivery problems are corrupting the real oppinion of buyers about our actual work.

I think it would be great to split the rates into the “five stars” about quality of work and “dumps down” for cancellations, but do not mix both of them to make an average percentage because they are very different things.

Mutual cancellations are already separate and don’t bring your rating down. If you realize you might be late on delivery, talk with your buyer. If they won’t wait, offer a mutal cancellation and refund and your ratings will stay up. What is killing your ratings is running late without great communication. Your buyers assume they aren’t going to get delivery so they auto cancel and that shows on your reviews and pulls your rating down. It may not reflect your work quality but it reflects on you as a business person.

But I thought when the delivery deadline is past you are not able anymore to request a mutual cancellation… are you?

That is exactly my point, I dont think my work quality has directly to do with myself as a (business) person. Most artists are alcoholics, use drugs, they even piss on their public but hey… they are great (at least some of them).

Even more: I think late deliveries might be a guarantee of good quality. If you are late with your work and you persist on delivering on time, the quality will be poorer than a late work but succesfully finished. Of at least that may be applied in my case. Some of my greatest creations ever have been delivered way too late!!

Reply to @loesje: Your logic is off for Fiverr and your string of automatic late cancellations is there to tell you. You may lose your level 1 badge because of your ratings and then you can’t upsell either. You want to keep that badge and get level 2 for more trust and more orders. :slight_smile:

It will kill you on Fiverr to keep delivering late even if you can do a mutual cancellation after that. You need to do the cancel before you even run late. As soon as you realize you cannot possibly deliver on time, you need to talk to the buyer. If they are OK with letting you deliver late and you tell them the quality will be higher, that’s better but risky, You could end up working hard and at the last minute they cancel and leave you another bad rating.

If you need longer for “greatest creations,” extend your delivery time to a better longer time that you can manage. I have to do that. I’m a writer so the artistic nature is there too. (I don’t actually think as many creatives are alcoholic druggies as the stereotype suggests but it’s a moot point here.) Fiverr will let you set the deadline as long as 29 days though. If you can’t do the job by then, Fiverr isn’t right for your style.

I am completely frustrated and very disappointed with my experience with Fiver. My person NEVER got it right. If I talked to a wall I would get more cooperation. I tried to file a complaint and my person new how to game the system. If the time would come up for it to expire. I would receive an automatic response I am working on it. He was very afraid of a bad review but could never provide what I wanted. Can someone please help me out to resolve this situation. I even went so far to ask another provider how to file my complaint. Looking for some guidance. Rosalyn

I would suggest putting your turn around time in your gig description and make sure it is accurate with your setting for the gig.

If you are late. The last thing the client wants to do is cancel. They were excited about ordering from you and they really want their order completed. They cancel as a last resort because you have not communicated and they don’t believe you will deliver. If it takes more time to provide the quality that you want to deliver, then build that in your gig. “I will provide high quality work in 29 days.” If they are look for high quality work and they have 29 days, they will order and you better deliver it in 29 days. Most clients have a deadline. What we are providing to them really matters. They may have a website launch or a promotion. They expect it to be awesome. Now they just need it on time. When people look at your reviews, they will see that the negative feedback is for being late, not because of your quality. Your quality wasn’t able to be evaluated because you didn’t deliver!