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Cancellations and how to handle them?


So, I am generally disappointed with the way cancellations affect sellers.

They lose revenue, their order completion rate drops, their gig placement worsens. It doesn’t matter if the buyer was at fault. If they say they have to cancel, sellers have to comply. If they don’t, the buyer will leave a bad review.

What can sellers do to get out of this problem? It seems it is pretty random when some buyers, for whom you the seller has worked very hard and according to the gig description, want to cancel the order. They don’t have anything to lose while the seller loses a fortune.

What can a seller do if they don’t want to cancel an order? If they simply decline the cancellation request, would CS cancel the order? I’ll appreciate your experiences.

I really think there should be a way to return the buyer’s funds without effecting a seller’s cancellation rate.

Thank you


It seems the CS standard reply when a seller does not want to cancel is, “We cannot force a buyer to accept an order.” Then the order gets cancelled. :confused:


Make sure you are really clear with your description of what you offer. The buyer should have a really good idea of what you are delivering before you deliver. You then should over deliver. Exceed their expectations.

Make sure you communicate really well throughout the process creating a great buyer experience. Deliver before the order is due. Again exceed their expectations.

Work towards delivering 50 or more jobs per month. That way, in 60 days 1 problem will only drop you 1 percentage point. I know you can’t just get to 50 orders when you start, but you can design your gig to do more smaller jobs and less larger jobs.

Offer services that attract repeat orders. In the last 60 days I have had 130 jobs. Only 8 of the orders were new customers. I know what the ratings will be for the repeat customers, so only 8 of the 130 jobs had a risk of being a problem.


Though I agree clear gig description shorten the chances of cancellation but I’ve experienced that many buyers do not read gig description at all.
I clearly mentioned in very first line of my gig description in bold letters that my gig does not work with ‘logo’ but I keep getting orders with logo attached.