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Cancellations and its Effect on Rating

Hi all

I am just wondering what the effect of cancellations has on my rating.

The reason I ask is because quite recently a number of buyers have bought one of my gigs before discussing what they are hoping to achieve.

I explicitly state in my gig that it is important to message me first before placing an order so I can give them an accurate price for the job. Most people do message me but I have had more and more people buy the gig and expect the earth for $5.

When I tell them that the job in question will cost more than the $5 basic gig the buyer will invariably cancel.

How do you guys manage this?



I delivered the work on an order on time, once. After I the order had already been placed and the details sent to me, I began working on the order and suddenly the buyer added a gig extra to the order (didn’t know they could do that after the order had already been placed). Anyway, this complicated the order and in the midst of trying to fix it, the buyer accidentally cancelled the gig and this affected my rating. I contacted Fiverr support about it. Explained everything in great detail. They refused to help, didn’t even read anything I wrote, told me to try all these things I had already told them I had tried (which they’d know if they read what I wrote). Long story short: my rating suffered as a result.

I didn’t explain that very well, sorry… no coffee yet. What I’m trying to say is that I delivered the order, then they added the gig extra and it got all screwy. In trying to fix it, the buyer accidentally cancelled the order – despite the fact that I’d already delivered the order to them completed. They were not trying to be malicious, it was an honest mistake and the buyer apologized profusely. No help from Fiverr :frowning: