Cancellations Are A Big Problem


Hi all,

As you know Fiverr has changed seller level system. There are 4 standards to remain a Level Two Seller. One of them is Order Completion Rate This cancellation rate rules should fix. I’ve written many times to cs for this issue.

Buyers order without reading your gig and then they just want to cancel order. We should cancel order if the buyer do not send requirement and insist on canceling. But this effects your Order Completion Rate

This should not effect sellers rate as this is not sellers fault. I am Level 2 since 2014 but yesterday and today there are several cancellation and all buyers said that they did not read the gig and they wanted something different.

I accepted cancellation and now it shows me that my level may goes to 1 due to this Order Completion Rate This is not fair. We should write to cs this issue. Buyers should not be punished because of irresponsible buyers.

Even this cancellations effects buyers gig listing performance.

This is a really big problem and should be solve.


My Order Completion Rate was %97 yesterday and now it is %92 due to 2 cancellation which is not my fault.

Both these 2 buyers had same excuses that they have ordered without reading the gig. And now the system says I should keep %90 in order not to goes down level 1. This is not fair. I am level 2 seller since 2014 and I will be punished because of some irresponsible buyers. Really not fair.


Yes, Its a big problem. its not fair