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Cancellations- Fiverr not helpful?


Is Fiverr a one way street? I ordered a line art drawing and the buyer is unable to deliver. I gave him more time - still no work delivered. Is it right that I depend on the sellers will to accept my cancellation??? It seems that I don’t have any chance to cancel the order without the sellers permission???


Hi, it is definitely not one way street.

We don’t know the whole story but from what you told us here is what you can do:

  1. If seller failed to deliver on time and the order went into “very late” stage the option to cancel the order will appear on your order automatically.
  2. Or did he send you a time extension request and failed to deliver within that timeframe?
  3. Anyway if he didn’t deliver according to his gig description including timing then you can just contact fiverr support and ask them to cancel the order.


Hi Maria, thanks for your explanation. 1+ 2 did happen, I acted according 3 - and your team released me, the order was cancelled. THX!