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Cancellations - from 2 orders a day to no VIEWS in 7 days!


I think my title sums this up. I’ve had consistently good sales recording spokesperson videos on Fiverr, on average about 2 orders a day on most days.

Following a second cancellation (the first was buyer error, the second was when an outdoor video was requested and it was snowing in the UK in the only time I had available to record!!) my gig views have gone from dozens a day to literally ZERO views in 7 days. I presume this is because the cancellations have somehow bumped me down the search results.

Now I just feel like there is no point in continuing to use Fiverr. If i’m getting no views, despite perfect feedback on a previously popular gig it must be related to my search placement. Does this ever fluctuate or is it basically just over for me? And if it is over then I may as well just re-open my account under another email address. The frustrating thing is that I got more orders when I had no positive feedback at all!! Is this the kind of service Fiverr wants to promote, where brand new, untested sellers get work and experienced sellers with feedback get frozen out? It’s so frustrating.

Any advice appreciated. Cheers. Phil.


I don’t have the answers about how you should proceed but we are all frustrated like you are by having cancellations that cause us to drop off in orders. I just had one that wasn’t my fault, and again my sales have stopped.

I don’t know if or when your sales will start again. There seems to be a time when they start again on mine but it takes a while, a couple of weeks more or less.


Cool, thanks for your input. Yeah I realise I’m not the only one, it just seems crazy to me that it can literally just end your Fiverr business, but as you say hopefully not forever. :slight_smile: