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Cancellations should have a reason associated with them

I have not had a lot of cancellations but from my experience on Fiverr to date most cancellations appear to be a direct result of something the buyer did or didn’t do; and when this is the case those cancellations should not go against the seller.

For example:

  • buyers who ordered in error and then requested to cancel.
  • buyers who do not purchase the correct quantity of gigs, or they place an order as a way of requesting a quote, and when they receive the actual price or quote they decide to go elsewhere and request the order be cancelled.
  • buyers who do not provide the necessary information in order to start a gig and are not responsive to messages and as a result the order needs to be cancelled.

    In all three of these instances the cancellation was a result of something the buyer did or did not do and therefore should not count against the seller.

    I suggest that Fiverr add a ‘Reason’ drop down box that would need to be chosen when cancelling an order and that, depending on the reason selected, the cancellation would not be attributed to the Sellers cancel rate.

All cancellation that are mutual. I.e you or the buyer agree do not have any detrimental effect on your account ratings.

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Thank you for sharing that. Very good to know.

The gig I offer is advertising on my podcast.

I fulfilled an order (reading the buyers exact script, that they wrote) and delivered the work on time.

Suddenly they cancel, and not only am I out the money, they got free promotion and it hurts my hard won good standing in the Fiverr community.

I never even received a notification that anything was wrong or unsatisfactory with their delivery!

Come to find out, the buyers account is no longer even active.

Hey Fiverr, can we erase this cancellation from my account?

Reply to @mattkubinski: Fiverr editors are not here on forum, so you’d better writing a ticket on Customer Support.