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Cancellations stump your growth


I have 22 cancels and in the 2nd level since beginning in June. I know my rating will be effected and I won’t become a top sellar until next year. Fiverr would make more money if they’d change these cancellation rules. People would become top seller quicker. I always have the buyer initiate cancel, its never on my end, is anyone else having this issue?


Honestly, I think the TRS is chosen more based on stories the sellers send in and editors personal choice than the amount of cancellations you have. Although too many cancellations can effect you holding on to your Level 2 seller ranking, I don’t think it sways the decision one way or another to become potentially eligible for a TRS position. I think the biggest factor in that is your over-all feedback %.

If your cancellation rate seems too high perhaps refine what you offer and make your gig description more clear. If you deliver exactly as stated in the description and they ask for more or say, “I was hoping for more” and your description clearly states otherwise than you can easily get the bad feedback dealt with via through CS.


TRS is NOT named that well.

TRS has nothing to do with being a Top Rated Seller. It has nothing to do with how well your gig is, or your rating, feedback, cancellations… Nothing. I have over 6000 completed gigs and zero negative reviews. No lates, nothing negative. For my line of work, I should, by all means be a Top Rated Seller. But I’m not. Nor will I probably ever be one. TRS is chosen by the Fiverr editors. And based solely on what they think. It has nothing to do with your record.

It should be re-named “Fiverr’s Picks” or something.

As for the cancellations. Ya. It affects things. And you need to be careful. The newest Fiverr trend is for people to order your gig and cancel in the hopes of bringing down your rating. I have one guy right now, who got my gig. Then got another one and cancelled. Then re-ordered, cancelled. Then ordered and requested a cancel saying he didn’t like the work. And now, this morning he has ordered again. After cancelling again because he didn’t like the work. LOL. You can usually tell these people because their accounts are brand new. Meaning they opened a ‘Dupe’ account to negativlely affect other gigs in his field. Meaning he probably has his main account.

Beware. LOL


Why should a mutual cancellation even be considered (and it is) in your cancellation percentage? Buyers often order gigs outside the scope of the gig being offered, ordered by mistake or many other reasons. I have had 3 successful gigs and 1 mutual cancellation. My cancellation percentage? …25%. A mutual cancellation should be considered a wash. Mutual is mutual period.

Never mind that my response time is shown as 1 week+ because Fiverr’s messaging system failed to record 3 exchanges between myself and the buyer. That was almost 2 months ago and CS has done nothing about it even though I provided substantial evidence showing the failure of their software. I mean who else lists email exchanges without showing dates and time stamps.


I hate that when a cancellation request doesn’t get responded to it automatically is cancelled after a couple of days, the feedback isn’t removed, the buyer gets their money back and you can’t even respond to the feedback they left.

(longest sentence ever)

adnagam said: I hate that when a cancellation request doesn't get responded to it automatically is cancelled after a couple of days, the feedback isn't removed, the buyer gets their money back and you can't even respond to the feedback they left.

If somebody requests a cancellation from you and you don't respond to it, it is automatically cancelled BUT you get a 'negative mark' against your account. For example, I missed a requested mutual cancellation once. I went from 100% positive to 99% positive.

Customer Support confirms this happens. I have no idea whether it has changed with the latest incarnation of Fiverr.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: that makes more sense and ya should should be a top seller. I haven’t had anyone cancel and reorder like that yet but now i will be on the lookout. Fiverr favorites would be a better name for TRS then if the editors are picking them out, not really fair to the rest of anyone who is doing a great performance like yourself. TY for that input.


It’s not a big deal. It’s just a badge. But ya. Your idea of ‘Fiverr favorites’ is a good one.

I’m pretty sure it’s just because of the service I provide. But, that shouldn’t matter. If a person does a good job in ‘Whatever Field’ they choose to work in, in theory, a Top Rated Seller should be just that. A seller who is Top Rated. Ha ha.

And thank you for the compliment… You rock. LOL


Reply to @freelancemm:

Agreed! When I wrote and asked if one of my top selling gigs could be a featured gig despite it having sold 100+ I was told it was not the kind of thing they wanted. Guess unless you wear a Clown suit you won’t become a TRS.


Reply to @ryangillam:

I have just cancelled an order that the buyer purchased assuming they were buying an adsense account, despite the gig stating in two places I did not sell them as that’s illegal. Promised negative feedback (For the purchase of an illegal service) would be removed. It’s not been. So buyer has his $5 back and I have negative feedback for me refusing to sell an illegal service!!! - note fiverr continues to let the same illegal service be sold. But I have been told to modify my gigs title despite my service being legal.

Fact is the illegal service sells far better on fiverr than my legal offering.



@gyoveg Well, they do seem to do some Top-rated sellers making without official announcements to those that seem to have an exceptionally high and consistent sales(talking 10 to 20+ orders a day!) that aren’t offering anything too unique so I wouldn’t lose hope and perhaps reach for a higher sales goal in perhaps a different category. Honestly, I am not sure though. I have never really had any of my gigs featured and am clearly not a TRS. They sent out a mass message before in my particular category though and I had about I would say about 30+ sales within 24 hours from it. So although some say having multiple gigs is a bad idea I think it’s good if you diversify and hit multiple categories and offer your particular gig with minimal time investment. That way when the messages are sent out chances are you will be in one of the categories they pick! In most cases though yeah, it seems to based on editors choice and compelling stories.

In relation to your statement to ryangilliam I get mixed answers. If you feel that you weren’t at fault, try to submit another ticket more clearly defining that what they asked of you was against the TOS. I have had mostly good experiences with CS so try to send your ticket at a different time to increase the chance you will get someone different.


I didnt even bother with cs… I had one guy cancel since the article I was writing for him was for one of the sites he submitted articles to and he got fired from that, so how is that my fault? He even contacted cs himself since he was not aware it would affect my percentage, this brought me to 93% and I can’t even respond to buyer request. sorry but screw it…I am going to wait for my payments to clear and not put to much more into it for a while…I even had made a flyer with my qr code etc, no tn by the way nothing but fiverr profile info…but WHY so I can be screwed over I am glad I am not the onlye one!

bigbadbilly said: It's not a big deal. It's just a badge. But ya. Your idea of 'Fiverr favorites' is a good one.
I'm pretty sure it's just because of the service I provide. But, that shouldn't matter. If a person does a good job in 'Whatever Field' they choose to work in, in theory, a Top Rated Seller should be just that. A seller who is Top Rated. Ha ha.

If they allow you to sell your service here, they should certainly allow you the 'reward' for selling it well.


I’ve run into multiple scammers who buy a gig and weeks later get deleted by the fiverr support. I lose the money AND it gets rated as a cancellation putting me at 20% cancellation with only ONE real cancellation (mutual, the buyer was a moron who couldn’t be bothered to read a gigs description). So I understand your frustration.