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Months ago when I remember asking customer service about cancellations after delivery. I did not have a buyer try to do that, but I was worried about buyers “stealing” work in this manner.

The (canned) response was something about not forcing the buyer to pay and that both the seller and Fiverr will not get paid when there is a cancellation. The snarky remark stopped me from continuing the conversation (plus there was no actual cancellation to speak of). But, since funds are reverted to Fiverr “credit”, isn’t the notion that Fiverr won’t get paid a half-truth?

This jargon has always bothered me. I mean, who is likely to leave a $500 credit with Fiverr? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the policy itself. It just irks me to hear that. Fiverr does get paid. Just not at that moment. We all know opening a Paypal dispute is death to an account.


That’s just how Fiverr works, and it’s all in the Terms Of Service everyone one of us are all able to read and review before sign up. No one forces anyone of up to click mark agrees, Fiverr can do whatever they want with their site. Plan and simple. :slight_smile:


Reply to @thepromogirl: I agree! :slight_smile: I cannot (and do not) complain about the terms I agreed to. Sure enough I remind others that they agreed to it too. I just think it was a bit dishonest to say Fiverr won’t get paid. The money doesn’t just disappear.