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Cancelled a completed order

The order #FO6C34979682 completed automatically because of buyers unresponsiveness and now its cancelled by fiverr customer care. Customer care nothing asked from me and did what buyer want. I delivered 80% of work and WHO GONNA PAY FOR THAT?
Its completed because of buyer fault. also I worked on that because of humanity. But fiverr customer care and buyer together cheat on me and got my designs free. I need my payment back. There are no faults in me. I delivered the design buyer not responded and its completed automatically. Now its cancelled behind of me. Video is still rendering. Who gonna pay for my effort and designs. Buyers can steal designs in fiverr and this is my third bad experience. I need my money back and need to contact who can handle this properly and have powers

Delivering incomplete work is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Please contact with CS, Hope they can help you. Just explain the real cause.
Hope you will get a better solution.

Hello, this is the reason it was cancelled. You cannot expect the buyer to accept only 80%. As catwriter said, when you deliver an order it needs to be 100%.


Even when you offer


It doesn’t matter! They can click “modification” at any time and it works!

Fiverr keeps adding new stuff, like “Learn from Fiverr.” That’s nice, fixing current problems would be better. Why create new features when your old features don’t work?

The search bar on Buyers Requests doesn’t work. In the past, it did work, you could search “chocolate” and find requests related to chocolate. Now you can’t!

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I think we should open a thread titled “Fiverr’s Pending Do List” or something like that. Who knows and some day Fiverr staff might take care of it… :roll_eyes:

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Hi, dummy delivery (which is not your case) or delivering incomplete work is violations of Terms and Services. Secondly, I think that the buyer might have complained about the delivered work as incomplete. That might have caused the cancellation. Still you can get in touch to the fiverr customer care and clarify the issue further. I hope it helps. Thank you

The first delivery should be a real delivery, the complete work. If the buyer demands a revision, the second delivery should be an explanation.

“Sorry, I’m unable to provide a revision, my gig offers 0 revisions.”

Or whatever the case may be.

I love that idea, since it’s your idea, why don’t you do it? I already have a reputation as a complainer, so it’s better coming from you. :slight_smile:


I too received 2 cancellations suddenly, by customer support. I’ve gotten used to scammers doing chargebacks, but those are noticed easily if their account no longer exists. But this time the buyer’s profile still exists, and he has been satisfied with both of the orders. And in the emails it said to visit the order page to see a reason, but there was no reason stated. So confusing!

Hahaha, 2 for a team. You, a complainer and I, a newbie :sweat_smile:

Wouldn’t it be nicer if someone renowned and with more experience than me could take the baton? :thinking: :grinning:

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I appreciate a complainer since that allows me to do the same. :wink: Most are too afraid.
After all if you hold it in you can grow a tumor. :brain:

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