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Cancelled a gig after it was delivered

How do I receive a claim number of an order that was cancelled. I cant inquire about it because the system asks for the claim number, but I cant search for the claim number because this chick has some weird privacy setting up. I’m stuck! Meanwhile, I have not had a single order since this incident. I’m not sure if fiverr has done enough to protect us sellers from fraudulent claims. I didn’t think much of it when it happened because i was NOT going to miss $4. I expected to hear from fiverr, informing me of my next step by now. Plus this claim was a joke and if fiverrr read the gig, saw what was delivered, then heard the chicks explanation of why she wasn’t “satisfied” they would totally understand… that SHE is a fluke!! I am officially frustrated and with NO number or EMAIL (without a freaking “claim” number that they refuse to supply). I’m reduced to “tattle telling” you strangers my dilemma! …slick feeling like a simp!

I wasted eight days trying to get something resolved until I learned the Support Center is a completely different entity. You might find resolution here: