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Cancelled an order before delivery, but now it's asking me to rate the buyer?

I had a buyer purchase one of my writing gigs last week, asking me to answer a lengthy and in-depth questionnaire and then write a 500 word review. Well, that was certainly too much work for one gig, so I asked the buyer to mutually cancel the order.

He refused, stating he would send another $5 to finish the work. After another week, he had neither sent the additional payment nor responded to my messages, so I canceled the order this morning, not wanting to let it run late, waiting for him to respond. Now in my “To Do” list, there is a buyer rating task sitting there for that buyer. When I click it, there is no where to leave a rating…why would I want to leave a rating…since the order didn’t happen? Is this something anyone else has encountered?

Is the buyer going to be able to rate me, even though I did not complete the order? I’ve put in a ticket to CS, so I’ll report back on what they say. I’d just like to know if this has been seen before or (preferably) if it’s an anomaly–which would hopefully mean it’s a glitch that can be taken care of.

Update: I got a message from support that said "As you may know, buyers can leave ratings without posting a comment. That is why you cannot find a negative review on this order. Please check your green bubble for notification of this review."

Um…what? So…if we cancel an order without making any delivery (because the buyer asks for something we cannot do, for example), they can still leave a review? I’m sorry, but that’s BS.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I think the rep that you got did not read and fully understand your complaint. No, buyers cannot leave feedback on orders that did not even go through. Such rubbish! It didn’t even address your concern.

Reply to @cheezees: He must have copy/pasted the wrong form response.

Reply to @jtengle: Haha!

Most of my interactions with CS have been excellent. I was kind of floored when I read that…like…um…did you even read what I wrote? Cheezees is right…obviously they did not.

Reply to @jtengle: yip! :P. The reply didn’t even make sense.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Make sure to fight this. Get another rep because it’s either a horrendous bug or Fiverr’s absolute WORST unknown policy.

Reply to @cheezees: I replied back that I was fully aware that buyers can leave a rating without a comment and that the problem wasn’t the strange negative review (though that did tick me off–I didn’t tell her that), but the fact that I was being asked to review an order that was cancelled.

That seemed to work, and she messaged me back that apparently I had “forced” the cancellation, so I was left with an automatic negative review (which she removed) and just to be sure not to “force” a cancellation again, as it will require a negative rating for me and ask me to rate the buyer in return. So not exactly a hidden policy, since we know cancellations affect our ratings, but definitely something to watch out for…since I wasn’t aware that I could force a cancellation or that I could get a rating on an order that effectively wasn’t even an order.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Wait, I thought only Support could force a cancellation. The only ones that I have been able to complete myself are those where two parties agree to a mutual cancellation. If either party “declines”, then it goes through Support. If one party does not respond, it gets completed in 2/3 days.

Is she just covering for herself with this BS explanation?

Reply to @cheezees: I really don’t know. (Though…I mean…maybe?) I didn’t push it because I got what I ultimately wanted and I know better than to rock the boat too much on this website.