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Cancelled an order, but no money back?

Hi i orderded a gig, cancelled it about a week later, then placed a new order.

The new order(which went good) i payed with my fiverr money, the first (cancelled) order i’ve payed with my paypal account, but I havent received the money back on my paypal account.

(it was also my first order ever, so i dont have other experiences with it)

Can somebody explain or help me with this? Should i contact Fiverr? and how i do that? :slight_smile:



The ‘refunded’ amount does not go back to PayPal. It goes to your Fiverr account for future purchases.

Ok, but i did not get the 5$ back on Fiverr neither…


Hi kjblynx,

I know thats how it looks like, but i had my first and only sale before that.

That’s the 5$ where i payed a gig for and cancelled it. So this 5$ is missing…

How do i contact fiverr?

Fiverr Support…


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,