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Cancelled and non delivered gigs

i have recently returned to using fiverr after being away from the site for a year, and i am astounded at the level of cancelled gigs and gigs not delivered it is at such a level that it must be damaging the reputation of the site. greater care should be taken by fiverr management to insure the quality of sellers. in the space of just one month i have had problems with over $500 of gigs and i have a couple more that look doomed to fail. it causes major problems for my business when a 14 day gig gets cancelled on the 13th day and you have to start the whole process again.


Fiverr has recently changed the levels system so that cancelled orders of all types count against the seller’s level.

What else would you like to see in place to deter cancelled orders - public floggings perhaps? :wink:

Seriously, what more can Fiverr do?


what a perfectly professional reply thank you very helpful


I’d really like to hear your suggestions as to what else can be done - honestly!

Those of us who try our best etc. don’t want ever to cancel orders, but sometimes it does happen for whatever reason. Fiverr is punishing sellers for this already.

Apologies for my ‘humour’ if you didn’t find it funny.


You might be choosing the wrong sellers, and/or trusting sellers you haven’t worked with before with time-sensitive tasks (a bad idea).

Perhaps you could work with the sellers with Pro labels on their gigs? They’re vetted by Fiverr. Or Top Rated Sellers, they’re manually chosen, too.


the problem is returning after a year many of the sellers i had worked with were gone so i was relying on the sellers feedback. of course i understand things go wrong my complaint was the ratio of unfulfilled gigs in my first month back. when i had used fiverr before i had one unfulfilled gig in two years this month i have had 4 in a month that was the point i was trying to make. i work in a high pressure environment and their failure becomes my failure.


Perhaps it was bad luck (or maybe you were lucky before?), and perhaps you didn’t look carefully enough.

I understand, but, as stated in their Terms of Service, Fiverr offers no guarantee of the quality of the services. Maybe it would work better for you if you only hire Pro sellers (there were no Pro sellers a year ago, it’s a new initiative to offer businesses services of vetted professionals) or TRS (Top Rated Sellers)? Or a local agency?


This has got to be the most frustrating thing in the world.

I feel your pain. Believe me there are great sellers here, I happen to be one of them. But with the rise in popularity of the site, some discernment is needed when picking one.


You might be choosing the wrong seller


like most users i am on a tight budget but that is not an excuse for sloppy sellers, i accept that many of the sellers are excellent i am using two right now that are very good all i am sharing with you guys and what you seem to be missing is that if 4 gigs from 7 in one month cannot be an acceptable way of running the site just my opinion it is not intended as disrespecting any of the good sellers


Perhaps that’s the problem? Maybe you were focused on finding the cheapest providers? Many sellers have raised their prices since you were last here (and some have left in search of more lucrative opportunities).

There are more than 3 million gigs on Fiverr. 4 out of 7 might be bad luck, or, perhaps, you weren’t thorough enough when choosing the sellers.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that cancelling on the 13th day is acceptable unless a huge emergency happened, but with so many gigs on Fiverr, if you don’t want to go with the expensive Pro options, it might be a good idea to invest more time in choosing the right sellers (and experiment with the ones you’ve chosen) before you trust them with important, time-sensitive tasks.

Perhaps this guide might help you with choosing, and perhaps other buyers might chime in and help you refine your vetting process:


average cost of undelivered gigs was $200 each

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there was no difference in price between those delivered and those that were not so i don’t feel the price was the issue these were all custom offers from sellers i paid what they asked for.

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I’m not sure that paying $200 to someone you’ve never worked with before is a good idea. I don’t know what kind of services you were looking for, but is there a way to try them out with a small task first? Something that would cost you $5 or $10, and then you choose the sellers you like best, and give them bigger tasks?


Let’s get it straight - this kind of thing should not happen.
If what you have said is correct - that you discussed projects, accepted a custom offer etc - and people wasted 2 weeks before cancelling, that is a serious issue and I would report those sellers to customer support as it is damaging to the site’s reputation.

From a selling perspective, I love to get bigger orders and not have a buyer breathing down my neck or trying to micro-manage me, but your experience with others is likely to make you hesitate to place bigger orders, and if you do then you may be more likely to try micro-managing.

While this does sound like a big order, if what you were expecting was, for example, 2 weeks of full time work then it is still a “cheap” order. Having a tight budget is fine - most people do have a budget of some kind to work with - but it should not make you choose a seller who is much cheaper than the rest as that is generally a false economy.

To explain, if you offered me $200 to do a week of work - approx 40 hours - then I would say no to it. However, there are many sellers who would jump at that because of anything from being desperate to it being a better wage in their country. In fact, some would believe that they should do all they can to get that order and if necessary, find out how to do the job later. Believe me, this happens.

I wrote the Tips for Buyers post that was linked above and since that was written, I have bought over 200 times and sold over 1000 times. It is vital that a buyer does his homework on a seller. If someone is saying they can do x,y,z then you can choose to just believe them but it is a much better idea to try them out first. Instead of placing the order for x,y and z, perhaps start with just x. In this way, you can gauge whether the seller can actually do what he says, rather than just taking their word for it.

There has been a huge influx of unqualified sellers in the past few years since I wrote that post so the need to vet sellers yourself is even greater. You can still get excellent value for money here and excellent service from sellers but you need to spend the time necessary to ensure you get the right sellers.


i respect every seller who has responded to this thread,eoinfinnigan is the only person who has taken a balanced opinion every one else is squarely behind the sellers perspective and i would expect that because it is mostly sellers in the forum. but you cannot put the responsibility for a successful transaction solely with buyers if a seller undertakes to do a task for an agree amount in an agreed time they have a responsibility to keep their end of the bargain because if there are no buyers there is no business.


So what would your suggestion be to deal with sellers who don’t?

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Did these sellers give any reasons for cancelling?

Did they communicate with you during the two week period?

Those are fairly large orders to be cancelled unless there were problems, so what were the problems?

Did you express that you were not happy with what they were doing?

How many reviews did they have, both positive and negative?
What level were they?


I’m not sure that is fair to say - I think the other commenters were saying similar to what I was saying and, knowing those commenters, I know that in no way are they supporting sellers who perform badly or unprofessionally.

Again, most agree with this but the main person is in fact the contractor/buyer - they are the one with the decision to make about which seller to use. Fiverr does not vet sellers (outside of the Pro program) which ensures that costs stay low so the flipside of that is that buyers need to vet people for themselves. When you do that well, you get excellent services at a fraction of what they cost elsewhere. This can cost both some time and money to do properly but once you have found good sellers you can continue to use them on an ongoing basis.

Again, you are right but at the same time there has to be an element of caveat emptor about this. Check what you are buying, from who, the cost/value ratio (too low a cost is a red flag even more than too high), if it is a bigger job, divide it up into smaller tasks as much as is possible until you have good reason to be confident in the seller’s abilities.


That’s a slap in the face to the rest of the fine people who responded.