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Cancelled approved and 5 star rated order

News update. Fiverr will not give me the money. The money were taken from my balance. On top of that I got a warning for being rude with the Cs and seller (for saying that I am taking him to court). Overall, I can’t be more happier not being in the platform anymore. No horrible clients, no messages to answer in 1 hour, no cancellation, no clock for order deliver. Just enjoying my life.

So your balance is negative now?

So sorry to hear about this. I’d never expect them to treat a Pro seller like that.


Thank you for the update.

In light of all the recent events (granting TRS badge to seller with unoriginal artwork from mock-up sites, promoted ads that do not work and introducing Fiverr business with no explanation other than 50 second video that tells nothing) Fiverr should be treated as lottery. You could win or lose but nothing is under your control.

I told you this already and I will say it again. I am 39 and there is nothing more important than happiness. I worked every day all day for a large salary that was eaten by inflation. I have nothing except lost years and decades of my life, wasted time.
Yes, I have no steady income now but with my savings, I can survive enough to finally live happy life.

Don’t wait like me.

Be happy today!

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This kind of situation can happen to anyone from level 0 seller to PRO sellers, few weeks ago customer support cancel an order without any explanation, so my stats drops no money and the scammer get away with free work.