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Cancelled non-existant gig


Odd - I receive a notification that a gig I am expected to deliver is late.

The source of the problem is not my timeliness but rather that I never received nor accepted the gig in the first place.

The mail thread is not in my inbox, but instead in another category called ‘Orders New’.

As well, the text which I supposedly wrote in this thread is incomplete and suspicious as it does not reflect my writing style. Now the gig is cancelled which probably had a negative effect on my rating.

Anyone else experience this?


Your only gig with sales shows that you didn’t fulfill an order and it went late so it was cancelled. Your ratings are currently low enough that you probably cannot get level 1. I don’t know what you mean by not accepting a gig. Not all of my customers message me before they buy a gig and those don’t show up in my inbox. They do show up on my Orders and while the gig is in process they show on my to-do list. If I didn’t deliver, they would run late and the buyer would cancel.