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Cancelled order after bad review

I had an order for some guy that can’t make his mind.
He sent me requirements, then asked me to play on another track because the sound was not really fitting on the first track he sent me.
I said no because I don’t work for free, so he offered to pay an extra instead of doing a second order.
Then, after the 2nd version, he asked me to do it all over again suddenly having an idea for a melody and I did it because I wanted to get over it and didn’t want to tose everything (I know, I shouldn’t have).
He ACCEPTED the delivery, left a 5 star review.
I left a 2 star review, explaining that I had to work thrice for not 3 times the price, and moved on.
But then, he cancelled the order.
Of course, he didn’t say it was because of the review, suddenly «I wasn’t happy with what you sent and could not use them anyway»
So he got back all the money, and I worked for nothing.
And I respected all the instructions, I have proof of it because in the end, it was very detailed.
How is it fair ? What can I do ?


If the order was delivered to full specifications:
Contact Customer Support and provide as much information as you can. Include screenshots showing proof of delivery, quote the specific line in the TOS that says the buyer cannot cancel after delivery and state where it’s found.
Do not beg, do not get angry or whiny or any kind of emotional. Stay professional, and just state the facts.
Thank them for their time, and mention that if there is any other information they need, you will do your best to provide it.

If you want, post the ticket you want to send here and maybe ask if someone is willing to look it over.


Thanks a lot for your help ! Unfortunately, I already sent a mail and did everythung wrong, with no screenshots and whining…
So I will wait for someone to answer and depending on the answer, I will open a new ticket or continue current one and follow your good advice.
Thanks !

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