Cancelled order because i was on vatication!



2 days ago i was not avabile to work untill today and i take vatication one guy take my services and rate negative ?! Now im removed from recomended great! … Is that my foult ?

madmoo said: it depends - if the order had been placed before you made your status as vacation mode, then yes, you would need to do the order in the original leadtime stated. This applies to orders that have been placed but not yet activated (so they're not always apparent because they don't how in your to-do list)

According to customer support even that may be a glitch. The orders should not be able to be activated whilst you are in vacation mode no matter when they were placed. No idea how that works, but that is what I was told.


ye i contact support i was right - 2hours after vatication mode i recive orders i check on email… im waithing answer from support however thanks…

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum. Even in a screen shot.


So it was a glitch? :confused: I hope they’ll fix it for you


still nothing i w8ing answer 2 days…