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Cancelled order by Fiverr Support

I was requested to write an 800 word article by a client for an agreed amount on Sunday. I delivered quickly ( 24hrs ) as requested but did not drop quality. Once submitted the customer requested a revision. I added the content requested, changed the introduction. Resubmitted. The customer immediately sent a cancellation request, which i declined as I had put about 5 hours into this work. I explained and offered paid for revisions.

I wake up this morning and Fiverr support has cancelled the order. I have completed over 500 orders on fiverr, level 2 seller and only provide quality work to my clients. You never discussed anything with the “worker” ( me ), just refunded the money.

I personally believe the client has used the work, I will be publishing the article myself and adding my links, lets see who argues about plagiarism.


I see some answers here and possibly it was from the clients side doing a chargeback?

“is likely somebody initiated PayPal chargebacks against you.”

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This is how the chargeback looks like :point_down:

But you definitely should contact short with the proof that you delivered as promised and screenshots and stand your ground to be paid even if the order was cancelled.

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Part of your message reads like you are writing to Fiverr customer support. Remember this is just a community forum, where we can all exchange ideas and offer advice.

I would advise against this. I have read a similar post from another Fiverr seller / writer who was scammed. He too posted the article online to try and make some money back from his lost time investment, but was hit with a double whammy as the original scammer then hit back again with a copyright strike - leading to the seller receiving an account warning.

I feel for you, as it sounds like you’ve been scammed. The best thing you can do is go back to customer support and argue that your article met the seller’s brief.


I’m not expert in this field. but you can use plagiarism check to see if your customer steal your article or not.


More and more this kind of story has come to my concern which make me to write to the support and asking specifically about the cancellation order process, these are the replies from them:

Keep in mind that you what you promise in your Gig description you must deliver. If the buyer were to be asking for additional work, then you can send them a custom offer for the work they want to be done. Failing to deliver the work that you state in your Gig description is against our Terms of Service. Keep in mind that you cannot misuse the delivery option an send an incomplete file. Your Gig must adhere to our Terms of Service. > > When a buyer requests a cancellation to customer support they must provide proof why the work that the seller delivered is not in line with the Gig description. If the seller fails to deliver the work as stated in the Gig description, then the order is canceled and the seller will be informed of the cancellation.

Thanks for your reply. Yes it was part to customer support as I find it hard to find how to get hold of them through the dashboard. The community forum is a great asset to find out if others have similar experiences. I do believe I was scammed as I delivered over and above what was required. The support have always been great and I am sure there is a good reason. I have published the article anyway, its not going to waste.

Whats worse is the client just mailed me saying that its subpar work, calling me underhanded etc. I delivered, they cancelled, I wish them the best.

“You can be underhanded all you want, it’s your Karma.”

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You can reach CS at


Remind the client - politely! - that copyright remains with you since they didn’t pay for the article.

Also quote this to the client and to CS:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

The above is from the Fiverr terms of service …


Always professional in my work I would never be rude to a client. No matter what, my last resort would be to block them and in this case I might just do this morning.

That is a perfect example of how community helps. That is exactly it I will send that to CS now, cause in that case the money is due to me. Thank you or sharing that.

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Just some follow up which I responded to: “I checked on your order #FO####### and I see that you were not able to meet the buyer’s requirements”

  • The client checked 10 of my written articles before ordering. We agreed on price and their deadline was 6:00am the following day ( monday morning 6am). They ordered.
  • client requested 800 words, 5 citations with specific instructions.

I delivered 1000 words, 8 references and citations, I completed one revision as client requested and delivered within 5 hours. Spent most of my sunday afternoon researching and writing.

This is my clients review from another content client from yesterday:“Great work delivered quickly! Chrisza is an exceptional writer and I highly recommend his work. I will definitely be working with him again!”

About 2 weeks ago one customer placed an order. After 1 minute while the requirements weren’t submitted yet, he started messaging me in CAPS to cancel the order fast. I had a suspicion on them and I tried to waste some of his time by asking questions like why is he canceling the order and so on… After about 10 minutes, the order was canceled by Fiverr Support.

I still don’t understand how is it possible for Fiverr to cancel the order that fast.
Maybe he was banned or something? :thinking: :thinking:

Yip had a few strange experiences like that, but this one made me angry since I put 5 hours of effort in, write off my sunday afternoon to help a client, write a ripper article and then get by the client I have bad karma. The client sounded like they were one nut short of a fruit cake.

What does the little note at the bottom of the cancelled order say?

It basically said order cancelled as you did not meet the buyers requirements.

Glad that fiverr came back to say they are willing to look into the matter further if needed. I declined their offer as I was in high spirits. Monday morning started off at 8:00am with a tip and another 5 star review from another client.

Going on 3 years this has been my only cancelled order. So rather just chase the sun and great customers, right here on Fiverr.

Thanks for the replies guys, great community support. Thank you again. Case closed, new week and wishing you all a successful one.

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