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Cancelled order by mistake didn't affect my cancellation ratio

Yesterday a buyer placed an order and immediately sent a cancellation request. The reason was I ordered by mistake I did my best to avoid a cancellation and offered different options. However, I had to finally accept this request. More than 24 hours later I noticed that my cancellation ratio didn’t change. Not sure if finally fiverr would not penalize sellers for all mutual cancellations or just for orders made by mistake but I am happy that I wasn’t penalized for this cancelled order :grinning:


You’re lucky. My cancellation ratio drops even when it’s been months while i’m not even working on the platform. :man_shrugging::rofl:

I think it takes time for the cancellation to affect your ratio, it doesn’t happen immediately after.

Or else, could it be? (I read in a post a couple of weeks ago that Fiverr staff is aware about this issue and they started to stop penalizing sellers for orders made by mistake.) Not sure tho if that’s the case.