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Cancelled order can be reopen? Need sugesstions..Its urgent

Hello everyone,

I buyer placed an order. His task was too urgent i started working on his site one hour after placing the order. He said he expected me to do it asap and i wasted the time. So he asked me to cancel the order. I did that.

After 10 to 15 minutes he came back and asked me to help him. So i started working on his site. I didn’t send him the offer yet. Is it possible that i can reopen my cancelled order? In this way my order completion rate will not be effected.

Kindly guide me.

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No, if the order is cancelled (if the buyer accepted the cancellation), it can’t be reopened.


Yes, he accepted that cancellation. If the buyer cancel the order or seller, would it have different impact on order completion rate?

No, the impact is the same.


Thank you for your guidance.

Stop working for free.

Stop work now, raise an offer, get it accepted … and don’t cancel it again.


Yes, i get the offer accepted. Just cancel the order because he was in a rush, not even giving me chance to answer back. He was assuming that after sharing info i have started working.

I am feeling sad about cancelling the order as working on same project for same person.

You know you don’t have to accept a cancellation request …

Block the guy. He’s not worth it.


But now he placed the order again couldn’t cancel it again.

Talk to CS - attach screenshots. Ask them to cancel without affecting your stats. Then block.

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You are right i should contact CS. Thank you for support.

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Have some pride. Please. He’s messed you around big time.

Leave this alleged buyer alone. Your completion stat is going to take a hit as it is.


I was only worried about stats that’s why didn’t took any action for this. But now i am looking into this.