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Cancelled Order - Is there a way to contact buyer?


I have noticed that now when an order is cancelled, we are no longer allowed to contact buyer.

I have, in some instances, had people order and request a ‘hold’ as they weren’t quite ready, then ask me to contact them when the item then becomes a cancellation and I search for them but they aren’t always sellers, just buyers. Am I missing something with the new interface?


@pspauline No, and if you contact support, they will tell you to contact the buyer (shoulder shrug). I went out and found one buyer on Facebook. I told them that I had agreed to their cancellation request by mistake, because it was a shipped product, and their wording was, “I just cancelled in case it does not show up.” So, they got the product, and I got the shaft. Never heard back from my Facebook message. To top it off, they used my contact information from Facebook to spam me about their business. It’s dog eat dog.


you can open the order page . then scroll down , at the last you can see there’s a option , "CONTACT"click that . thats it.


So people are asking you to cancel the gig as a suedo “hold” since they are not ready? Or is there a hold function that automatically cancels after a certain amount of time?


If you have messaged them prior to ordering, then you will be able to find their messages in your inbox and contact them that way. Assuming you haven’t deleted them, of course. If you view the cancelled order, there should be a link that says “My history with [buyer name]” on the right beneath the search bar.

However, if you have not exchanged messages with your buyer, and the order has already been cancelled by both parties, you cannot contact the buyer through that order.

Hopefully they’ll come back and message you if it is important.


ah, maddisont. I think you hit the nail on the head. They wre confused about the order process to begin with and never messaged me except through order page.

I do think in cases such as that it is unfair to penalize sellers by not allowing further contact. Not everyone is completely tech savvy and though I am, at times the Fiverr changes can confuse even me (such as the new order messages change… Takes longer to find them in my opinion).


I lost a HUGE custom order a few weeks ago for this reason, I cancelled the order as he needed a custom quote (was a new fiverr buyer who didn’t realise), but as soon as I cancelled the order, I could no longer contact him… hard lesson learned as he didn’t contact me again :frowning: