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Cancelled Order Nightmare help me reach Top Level Fiverr Management

On a fine day, I got a request from **************** to make a web scraping bot that will be hosted on a website for him to use. He proceeded to order my gig (#***************- 310$) and I had delivered the product to him. As with all my clients, an initial set up needs to be done for the service I provide to work. ferferw0 was not at all cooperative and began making claims that the service was not even close to working, he sent a cancellation request and due to a poor UI/UX design, I clicked on “accept cancellation” (Fiverr should ask for a confirmation, this is ridiculous. They also need to swap the position of accept and decline buttons).

After this I have raised multiple tickets providing evidence of the working of the service ferferw0 asked for and customer service offered NO HELP and told me to deal with it on my own with him, so I have been messaging him for the past 2 weeks hoping he would reply, all he does is come online the second I send him a message and then ignores my message. Today he blocked me and I can never send him messages anymore. You have to note that he has the working code with him which he essentially got FOR FREE!

After replying to multiple customer service executives, NO ONE SHARED A CONTACT of someone senior in the company to look at this issue and NONE of them were bothered to revoke this cancellation which I am sure can be done through a higher privileged user. This is utterly disappointing from Fiverr, is this why they take 20% service fee? I have generated almost 5000$ in revenue on this website so (1000$ taken as service fee) AND YET I GET 0 CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Here are my previous tickets 3432938,3429162.

It is my humble request to the community to make this thread gain traction, Fiverr needs to take strict action against this buyer who has cheated a seller. Attached below are the evidences(unable to directly attach to the post as it says new users cannot attach more than one image), I have also recently raised a ticket and sent proof to the customer care as an attachment in that ticket.

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No one in the forum has any clout with customer service or “senior management.” It doesn’t matter who responds or how many likes it gets. This is not the place to try to achieve influence over Fiverr customer service. It won’t happen here. Period.


I really do believe, strength can make a difference. Appreciate if you could help, we can cause a change if we are all united

You can’t mention people by name in forum posts (or show the screenshots with it being visible, or post links to people’s profiles), it’s a violation of forum rules.

But I think it’s the first time I’ve seen someone agreeing to cancel (accidentally or not, the button was pressed) and then wanting to reverse the action. Hopefully, something can be done but it’s an unusual case.

PS Also, it’s not the way to talk to a buyer like this. 4 passive aggressive messages in 3 minutes can get you in trouble. Be polite, contact CS when you have a suspicion something fishy is going on. No need to “helloooo” people no matter how frustrated you are, even if you have every right to be. Again, it’ll only get you in trouble.


Hello, I’m puzzled about why you clicked the cancel button. I don’t find it difficult to not do that at all.

Pestering fiverr executives wouldn’t get you anywhere. I’m sorry about what happened but you can’t go back once you accept the cancellation. It won’t be believable that it was somehow the button’s placement that caused you to do that.

What’s ridiculous, and I don’t mean to sound rude, is blaming the site for your acceptance of the cancellation request.

Also you need to stop hounding the buyer about this. Leave the poor guy alone.
edit: I see he blocked you.

I’m sorry this happened to you though.


Hi everyone,
Everyone is suggesting there own idea on cancellation and providing their suggestions to be calm with buyer whether he or she is wrong.

It’s ridiculous that fiverr only support to buyer whether you are extremely right. Ignore suggestion …To be calm…Blah blah blah…

You did hard work and must be paid for that.

They agreed to cancel the order. That’s the end when someone does that.

After a seller agrees to cancel an order they can’t go back and start pestering the buyer to place the same order again, or continually demand that customer support “reopen” the order.


Hi ,

Yes you are right. But recently a buyer cancelled my order after having 3 revisions, mentioning the reason that she did not like the artwork. She has now my 3 concepts in free of cost. If she really did not like the concept she can cancel the order in first time. And also fiverr has pressurized me to cancel the order.

I wrote many times to fiverr against buyer but fiverr always support buyer.

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I have not experienced this. On the contrary, fiverr has always supported me if there was a dispute, although in my case it’s very rare. There hasn’t been one time that fiverr supported a buyer instead of me.

I’m so tired of sellers saying fiverr always supports the buyer. They must have a lot of problems with unhappy buyers to make such a statement.

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You need to remove the name of the buyer from your post as negatively naming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


We are not going to fight your battles. We have absolutely no reason to force change that only you want. YOU will have to deal with Customer Support on this issue. If they help you, great. If they are unable (or unwilling) to do what you want them to, then so be it. This is not a cause we are going to drop everything to fight for you.

YOU cancelled the order. As far as Fiverr likely sees it, that was a voluntary choice on your part. You chose to end the order, and it’s not Fiverr’s place to force the buyer back into the sale that they wanted cancelled (and you agreed to cancel).

Take this as a lesson. Next time, please be more aware of the choices you make here on Fiverr.


This line right here is the greatest truth

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It’s unfortunate but in this situation you pressed button to agree for cancellation and no cancellation can be reversed. That’s a done deal wether you pressed it by accident or not.

Probably it’s time to accept that you made a mistake and to move on.

It’s not about buyer being always right, it’s about you making a mistake and blaming fiverr in it.
Fiverr usually protects sellers who delivered work and doesn’t want to accept cancellation but in this case you agreed to cancel so that’s end of the story.

I also agreed to cancel order once by an accident but never I thought to blame fiverr in that.

I don’t believe it. And you are not telling everything to us. Fiverr never never pressuring seller to cancel the order. They either cancel it on the request if buyer/seller or telling you to resolve it with your client which already means that they are on your side and not going to cancel it.

So what is really happened: did fiverr support canceled an order or did you voluntarily agreed to cancel it?



Thanks for your reply. But I didn’t cancel the order. This is fiverr who cancelled the order theirself. Lol. It’s an irony to answer without knowing the fact.

I think Fiverr should consult with legal expertise to deal with different gig service.
For instance, in graphic designing, creative concept as drafts is actually already have value (time spent, effort to deliver the draft, creativity side) to be translated as $$$ :smiley:

Why Fiverr don’t use step by step payment from draft concept to final file?

Buyer will have the chance to steal the creative concept when they cancel a gig order half way.

Have you guys think about this?

Why you guys don’t think of solution instead of suggesting sellers to accept and swallow everything because the system works this way. If it brings more and more potential flaws, then think of how to fix the system.

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They do, if you use the milestone feature. The feature is only available for $100+ orders, though, and only through custom offers.