Cancelled order.Seller failed to deliver on time! What to do?


I have few gigs which have a negative comment stating “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” My question is when a buyer cancels order why do we get a negative comment…

When a buyer cancels order how can a buyer leave a negative comment on the services which he was never delivered. This negative comment " Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!" only drops the star ratings of the sellers for no fault of his/her?

These negative comments are not recent, they were written few years back but they still harm the rating of the gig. Please suggest what to do?


I think because of the fact that the answer to your question is easily accessible through a forum search, that no one bothered to reply to it because its been answered so many times.

But I’ll go ahead one last time and say after you are late a certain amount of time on an order, the cancellation will not only count more, an automated 1 star review will appear on your profile. Why? Because you wasted the buyers time, you broke your gig duration agreement, and you lost Fiverr money.

If you have multiple of these, it’s because you are excessively, and gravely late on a lot of orders. Fiverr is penalizing you for this. A normal cancellation, they dont get to leave a review. A cancellation such as those, leave automatic 1 stars.

It is your fault.


Ok, but what If I am going to market, lets suppose and Car hit me. So due to a accident people there take me to hospital there was serious surgery and doctors admit me for one week there. But what will be my fault? All my orders in that week will goto automatically cancellation with 1 star review.

Fiverr should do some thing for this.


This negative comment “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” is on my gig with a time duration of
3 years back - one comment
2 years back - One comment
1 year back - One comment
So I am awarded with 3 negative reviews for that particular gig giving my gig 4 .8 rating…


What if I had a million dollars.
What if had nothing to do with this situation. Your concern was whether or not buyers can leave feedback after a cancellation. I was letting you know that they were able to do so because you were late on your delivery. And I’m sure it wasn’t because you were hit by a car… So come on.


They don’t leave negative reviews on the “services that were never delivered”. They leave negative reviews, BECAUSE “services were never delivered”.


Thanks, for your suggestion. I was in hesitation by this posting. Now I’m clear.


Ok, I said suppose that. Because life is full of new adventures. We don’t know what will happen if I will go out of house. Yes, serious sellers will not do this, but what if serious seller get heart attack and he is in hospital. And when he will return from hospital he will get his fiverr account with 1 reviews of order cancelled.


Yeah. That’s happened before. I don’t agree with them having to deal with that but that’s a separate issue/question. Something that can be worked out between them and CS.


Ok… So suppose you get an order… and you just fail to complete it on time. No fires, earthquakes, car accidents, tsunamis have occurred. Is it ok to THEN leave a negative review because you failed to deliver on the agreed upon time?