˝Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!˝


I´ve seen a number of buyers left this kind of review on some sellers´s gigs. How is this possible? I thought when a buyer cancels an order he/she can´t leave a review?


This one for instance…


Very simple:
Seller delivered the order after the delivery date. Buyer accepts it. then leave the review, then just visits the Resolve resolution centre and cancelled the order from there. Or the buyer contacted the CS to cancel the order.
Now the order is cancelled but the feedback still remains there.


@iamsachmusic Kk, I understand now, thanks. :slight_smile:

NB: Still, I don´t think it´s fair for the seller coz the buyer gets their money back when an order is cancelled, no? Eh, never mind.


Actually, that review that you posted wasn’t left by the buyer. It was posted by Fiverr. If a seller does not deliver anything at all for a long time after the delivery time is up (I think it’s around 48 hours) then Fiverr sends the buyer a message saying that they can click a button to auto-cancel and get an automatic refund. If the buyer accepts, an automatic one star review is posted with the message “Seller failed to delivery on time.”

If a buyer wants to leave a negative review, they can’t just cancel and leave one. In some cases, though, buyers accept an order, the seller gets paid and the buyer then leaves any review they wish from 1-5 stars and they can write in text. Some sellers decide to offer a cancellation because they think that will remove the review, which is not a good plan since it doesn’t remove the review. Fiverr’s intent currently is for buyers to be able to leave a review as they wish, but the seller gets paid as well.


That sounds fair :slight_smile:


That’s not even close to possible. Why would Fiverr post reviews on behalf of someone other on a seller profile?
If they want to leave the review then why they didn’t used their name like “Fiverr” posted it.
It’s like a direct breach to our Fiverr account by Fiverr without our permission and leaves a negative review on behalf of buyer.
If you are still right, then show me some evidence or a written statement. or any policy or terms… anything.


@iamsachmusic It seems possible to me if 5r has that setting in their system. I mean, what if both the seller and buyer doesn´t cancel the order but no delivery? So, it is possible to me that 5r has such automatic system :slight_smile:


Yeah… it’s 100% possible… but my question is why they are not using their name instead of the buyer name? because at the end of the day, what if a seller contact the buyer and ask them that why did they posted the review if it was cancelled.


Err that I dunno :slight_smile:


Well, it is more than possible, it’s a fact. Fiverr has done that as long as I’ve been here. They do post it under the buyer’s own name. Not all buyers like that, but most really don’t seem to care since they didn’t get a delivery. It only happens when the seller completely drops the ball. I’ll see if I can spot anything official on it, but this isn’t one I’m just guessing at - it’s an automated review.

Edit/add: Ok, so, at least now the automatic cancel can happen if the delivery is 24 hours late. Here it is from the help files:

"Very Late

24 hours have passed since the order is marked as Late. Similar to what’s mentioned above, the buyer is now able to cancel the order within the order page (also using the Resolution Center). When an order is canceled from this status by the buyer, a seller is given a negative rating."

Note the part that says the seller is GIVEN a negative rating, not that the buyer has the option to leave a negative.


That´s what I thought too :slight_smile:


Well you are a “Mod” and you knew better than any of us around here. :slight_smile:


Exactly :grin:


I updated my reply above, but I forgot to leave the link to the article. https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201733463-Order-Status


Thank you for the explanation @fonthaunt :slight_smile:


No problem! if something has changed and those reviews aren’t automatically left by Fiverr, perhaps someone else will chime in to explain. As far as I know today, that’s correct though. The seller does have the opportunity to ask for more time before that even happens (or use other resolution options) so I can kind of see why they do it.


Cheers @fonthaunt…! Have a fabolous day! :slight_smile:


Great. Thanks very much @fonthaunt


If seller late to deliver the order then buyer can left a review and cancel the order