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Cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!

I delivered this gig prior, and got a negative review for this due to Fiverr’s glitches! Unbelievable!

I just messaged support due to this. Totally unfair! Anyone have any similar experiences?

I was lucky and didn’t have any due right when the site was down for a long time. Someone else asked about it on the forum and I wrote to Fiverr on the Support Twitter feed. I have a direct quote from them saying to contact them if deadlines were missed due to outages. I hope that they hold up their end and fix your review and ratings. That is totally unfair.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Such bs if this isn’t fixed. I had so many problems with my messages disappearing I literally wanted to pull my hair out.

Reply to @mystic_insight: There are a lot of things breaking and from what I can tell, they are still messing with the live site as we type. I just looked at someone’s profile and a Fiverr survey popped up asking if I would recommend Fiverr to others. It is sad to have to say “no.” I would recommend my gigs and those of people I trust (including yours) but I would not recommend Fiverr in general because of glitches, fake accounts and spam. Anyway, sorry this is happening to you!

Reply to @kay2809: I just had a seller leave me feedback 2 weeks after the order closed!

Do update us on the status. If they remove it or not. The count of bugs and glitches is just going up.

I just delivered my orders and my 1st customer said i didnt done nothing for him :slight_smile: this makes me laugh , i did the orders like i suppose to , everything great and i have the proof ! what should i do , i think he is a scamer or i dont know why he is messing with me

Reply to @isaacroot: They have 30 days to do that after the order is completed. So this is normal. But I saw someone received a feedback from an order of months ago. They must have fixed that.

Should we make a post with all the BUGs that we find?

i have bug with loading messages on mailbox

I almost had this issue last week when Fiverr was down for maintenance. I had an order that was for rush delivery, not the usual 24 hrs., but more like 7 hours! (of course the Gig itself said 24, but we had agreed on an earlier time). I was freaking out because it was like 3 in the morning and the gig was due in a few hours and I wanted to sleep LOL. I set my alarm for 1 hour before our agreed upon gig deadline and luckily Fiverr was up and runner. The Buyer gave me a tip :-j

Reply to @rankkings: and you sent the customer a detailed list of the proof where the links were placed?

Update - still no response from Fiverr. Can’t load my messages properly ugh

Please try to help keep our forums clean by posting in the right categories. The Tips for Sellers forum is for offering gig tips and advice to other sellers. This thread is better placed in Fiverr FAQ, Fiverr Bugs or even The Ranting Pot. As far as CS goes, there is a waitlist and some urgent requests that precede yours, but the rule is if they don’t respond after 48 hours ping the social channels (FB or Twitter) with your ticket number for follow up. You’ll be sure to get a response that way.

Reply to @renflowergrapx:

The Fiverr Bug Forum is used for this. It is regularly reviewed by Fiverr staff.

Reply to @scoban: Are you a new seller/buyer, admin or staff or what? It’s a bit confusing since your profile shows up different from most. There has been so little intervention in the forums since I’ve been here that I don’t recognize just everything and it would be helpful to know.

Reply to @mystic_insight: Others had this problem earlier.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

I’m a mod and use Fiverr as a buyer from time to time, for personal use. Rest assured there are others paying attention out here. I do enjoy engaging and being helpful- when I can!

Reply to @scoban: Ok. All of the mods and admins I’ve seen so far had sheriff or admin badges so I was just wondering. If you feel helpful again it’s almost spam o’clock!

Reply to @kay2809: Oh… I thought the window was 7 days. But one bug i know about for sure is that i don’t get forum notifications. Like i never got a notification for your reply.