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Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

Backstory > When first was ordering from fiverr a few sellers wanted ‘cancel’ just before time up. I figured ‘okay, probably honest’. But then ended up with rotten seller > i first checked to see if gig still available / he said it was / then in messages specified the gig / he said ‘hey terrific description, i will surely do this well for you’ / it was a 3-day promise / i needed the return fast / i ordered from a couple of other 1-day promise gigs / they delivered / but because of the promise of 3-day guy, i decided to wait to see results before ordering more / this was high priority / but because of his good comms, i figured he would deliver so did not order from others [they got cheated since i did not order from them because of his cheating me] / just before the deadline he sends ‘want to cancel’ message / i was (still am) fed up with that crap > especially since i first checked, then detailed the work, then he specifically promised / then he waited /… / i declined the cancel > cuz i wanted other buyers to see that the guy cheated / with over a month of back and forth with the guy / he kept wanting to cancel / and what he kept saying was all about him (had zero concern for me) / fiverr never got involved at all / they just ignored it / i finally gave up and cancelled to get the money back / and the guy still has a perfect high rating / and he is a cheat / oh, and the job was for “Create your perfect slogan or tagline” / a trivial thing to even fake / so ‘why’ would a contractor not even just fake it and write down a few words / instead of insisting on canceling ? / i figure there is some sort of cheat going on / the ‘contractor’ ‘wrote’ excellent English / but would not just fake-write a slogan ? / maybe cuz the ‘contractor’ is not contractor at all ? / a puzzle

then i recently saw the following in the history of a couple of sellers: “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” / with one star / that looks like a form-response

and now i have another contractor doing the same thing / early promise to do good job / 3-day / and fiverr was changing the ‘hours’ to deadline [from __ hours to a date] / so i sent ‘cancel’ / but the contractor gets back with ‘decline’ / i don’t want the work from him any more [also what he said in how he’d do the job made it clear he ‘now’ does not understand it and was faking]

QUESTION > How do i get the rating to say - one star and “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

it appears to me that fiverr is protecting this kind of seller scam / and by doing that they are causing buyers to not buy from the sellers who would truly actually deliver

i’m guessing some sellers are building inventory of jobs and then doing cancel on some of those

and that fiverr is enabling this scamming / so that the sellers are looking good / and it might be the high-volume sellers doing this

[and will fiverr even allow this message to be posted?]

The ‘cancelled order, seller failed to deliver’ feedback and the one star rating will automatically be left if the seller doesn’t deliver on time.

Ah, i see. Thanks very much for that info. \ I just reviewed a rant by a seller with whole bunch of seller responses \ in contrast to their problems of gig ordered but insufficient info, i always (1) send message ‘is this still available?’ \ (2) if response to that is sufficient, i then send return message detailing what my request will be exactly, and ask if they can do it \ (3) if response is adequate and i think the ‘can’ do the job, i make the order \ (4) in the order i copy-paste precisely what i already stated, and they said they could-would do \ (5) i take them at their ‘word’ \ \ Before the first ‘cheat’ (above) i had accepted some ‘cancel requests’ (they seemed honest) / but the one described above seemed dishonest / and so does the new one \

in this new one, i was occassionallyl checking the ‘time before deadline’ / and at one point it said ‘4 hours’ (early morning on the 27th) \ and then about 8 hours later, i checked it again - it was clearly past deadline / but the ‘time before deadline’ had changed to the date (27th) and was no longer in ‘hours’ / hmmm - fiverr enabling the scamming ? / at that point i sent cancel request / but seller did ‘decline’ and said ‘sorry i did not check messages for 2 days’ / and also said he would do the job (but added info that demonstrated that he had no clue about it)

  • so seller declined my cancel
  • so then i sent cancel request again / with request to put in the “cancelled order…” language in the ratings

So based on what you have now told me, i will wait until fiverr lets the clock run out. [But i think that happened to me before and they did not do the cancel ]

But that still leaves open the ‘cancel at last moment’ scam of some sellers

Thanks again

No. Only if it is cancelled.

You have 24 hours after the gig goes ‘late’ before you are given the opportunity to cancel.

It isn’t a scam to cancel at the last moment. I, personally, do not read every gig that comes through until it is time to do it. I don’t have the time to do that. You then have people ordering 40-50 articles for delivery within a day, people making stupid requests etc.

Why are people so quick to label everything as a scam?

yes this one was > [1] i sent message first [“is this still available”] / [2] he responded (so that could have been a lie or true) \ [3] i sent detail on what i would want and asked if he could do it and understood (and it was ‘slogan’ to include a specific phrase) \ [4] he replied saying ‘yes’ and ‘that’s great directions, i will most surely be able to do it’ \ [5] next thing was just before 3-day deadline he sends cancel request (i had purposely NOT done any other orders since had been certain he would deliver something) \ [6] what ??? who can’t just toss out slogan ? ??? i declined - 2nd time it seemed like i had been scammed \ [7] we traded messages and declines for 30 days - again, who can’t just toss out a slogan? a fake contractor? apparently really good English \ [8] if it had just been a order with no comms with him prior to my order, i could understand (but i will never order like that) \ [9] tell me how that would not be a scam in this case \ maybe just sandbagging jobs to choose from as deadline approaches ? since it was such a simple job, why not just ‘do it’ ? unless it was just a fake contractor or something ? \ [9] as for you; you don’t read jobs - and then do you cancel just before deadline ? you think that would be honorable ?