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Cancelled order will affect my rank?

Hello everyone,

I want to ask- what if I am not able to complete the order and refund it at a later stage!! would it affect my ranking on Fiverr?

Is there anything like mutual cancellation on Fiverr?



Yes, it will affect your gig ratings.

what is it is done by mutually i.e., both buyer and seller?

Cancellation of any type mutual or by CS will effect gig ranking and profile statistics.


You will still be penalized. The only way cancellations will not affect your ratings is if a buyers place an order without reading the gig description and requests something that you don’t offer. When that happens you can request help from CS. I always have buyers that just place orders without paying attention to the gig description or FAQ section.

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I find this so frustrating. I had to ask my buyer to cancel the order as what they were requesting would infringe the Terms of Use of Fiverr. So I was protecting them and my own account, and abiding by the rules of the site, yet my ratings get penalised.


and it will also effect the gig rating

Yes… It’s Very Bad Traffic on your Fiverr Gig’s Rank

Yes, You get effected by cancellation. No matter what type of cancellation. Your gig vanished from buyer’s search results on Fiverr.

How can one overcome the penalty?
Because I just cancelled an order and patiently awaiting my punishment

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If you cancel 2 orders in a month yes, it decrease your order completion and then your rank.

if you send cancel request or accept cancellation request so definitely affect your gig rank.
the better way mutual cancellation from fiverr support team. then no affect your gig rank.

personal experience.

Thank you

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What are the effects of order cancellation profile according to Buyer Resolution Center?