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Cancelled orders count information

hello experts,
i need to know some of information about fiverr seller account. i’m working with fiverr withing 2months. i already finished 30 jobs. and basically i was bound to cancel 2 orders. the cancellation is a bad experience for the ranking issue. i don’t like to see the cancel orders count into my account. is this possible to restore that section? or how much days will show that? if they will show forever, then what will be affected to my gig and account? please explain me about the cancellation orders.



if you completed orders around 60 days ago, soon those orders won’t be counted so unless you’ve completed more orders to make up for the ones that move out of the 60 day window, there may be a lower percentage of completed orders in the new 60 day window, so causing the completion rate to drop. So just a few cancellations in the last 60 days can have a big effect if there aren’t enough completed orders in the last 60 days to keep the rate >=90%.

thanks for your kind of information @srnashobhan. please let me know, how much orders need to complete withing 60days?

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Unfortunately only you can calculate how many orders you need to complete. No one else on this forum knows how many orders you completed in the last 60 days to do this simple math. It’s a first grade math.

But if you want to know it in more detail you can read fiverr help page or look for the post from @maitasun where she explained in a very great detail how to calculate it.

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@nonibd she (@mariashtelle1) is right. only you can calculate it.

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thanks @mariashtelle1 for your kind of information.