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Cancelled orders do not affect your ratings anymore?


Hello my question would be, if your order passes the deadline and the 24 hours after beeing late and the buyer uses the cancel option will it leave a scar like before “cancelled for failure to deliver on time” ?

Thank you for your answer in advance.


Yes, any cancellation that is NOT a mutual cancellation would alter your ratings. Note that even mutual cancellations will show in your private dashboard - but it won’t show to the outside world.


Reply to @madmoo: Hello, it is not that, I have these 2 cancellations for beeing late but one during christmas period last year one during new year’s eve… :slight_smile: both times I did mention the possibility to be late yet I got this cancelled for failing to deliver on time. Tried to contact them, they are those types that don’t even want to hear about it or they just don’t care. Contacted CS and because of their policy can’t do much about it. I am at peace with it. Nothing to rant about fair and square.

I was thinking that if that status doesn’t apply when cancelled for “failing to deliver on time” since the mutual cancellation update, I had a chance to contact CS again and have them removed :slight_smile: I guess you can’t fix a scar without plastic surgery (in this case having an uncle working @ fiverr :wink: )

Thank you guys for replying. Have a great weekend.


Reply to @laughingcrow: Thanks for the info

radugeorgescu said: I did mention the possibility to be late

Keep in mind, being late on orders effects your level and ratios.

If you can't deliver and are front about it and the buyer still refuses to cancel you can contact CS and they will cancel the order for you. However, this does effect your level and ratios as well. Just be sure to provide screenshots that you've made attempts to cancel with the buyer and they're refusing.

I would highly recommend if you plan to be away for any length of time (holidays, busy with work, etc.) you either extend your Estimated Delivery Times temporally or put your Gigs on vacation mode for the estimated length of time. It will help so you're not running the risk of having to cancel Gigs, or having them run late. You don't want to damage your reputation with Buyers here and that will ultimately effect your business here on in the long run. :)

A good quote to remember: "Failure to plan is planning to fail."


I had wondered about this too, as I have had this happen to me a few times as well :s

I have been tempted to use the vacation mode, but sounds like that isn’t the best option. SO what I do, is update my description (Gone from such and such a date to such and such a date for whatever reason), then I suspend all of my gigs. That way, they aren’t visible or even possible to order, and anyone who has saved my gigs can see that I am away and can still message me if they’d like, or at least have an idea of when I will be back :slight_smile: I find this method works extremely well and most of the time I have no issues :slight_smile:

OR if I am just gone for the weekend, I just take off the 24 hour extras :wink:

Most of the time, I find sellers are very understanding if you alert them of any issues you may have, but you do come across the occasional one that is very difficult. Such is life…

Hope this helps :slight_smile: