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Cancelled orders long lasting effect

It was a bad day in August when 3 completed orders from a single buyer, with positive reviews was cancelled by fiverr Admin. It was devastating. All my effort to communicate with the buyer was futile. His account was taken off as well. This has marred my gigs performance for months. Few orders in 2 months. I think the Admin must make sure that the buyer’s account must be protected since we have done our parts by delivering the orders on time.Buyers with shady and fake credit cards must face the consequence alone.

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All your gigs are live. You only have 5 negative reviews and 452 positive reviews. Fiverr is not going to punish you for buyers that used fake credit cards. Did you lose any money? That’s the only punishment I get when something like that happens to me.

Go to your analytics page and take a screenshoot so we can see how three cancellations have affected you.

Either way, don’t worry, nothing is long term on Fiverr. It may take you 3 months or even a year to improve your statistics, but they will be improved eventually.

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Sure! money was deducted as well after the orders were marked completed. As you know this will definitely affect gigs performance which I think am just getting better of.

Anything can affect gig performance. Suppose your gig is on the first row, then you get 5 orders, it might fall to row 5th, row 20th, or the 2nd page. Then when you deliver those orders, maybe you’ll go back to row 1.

It’s like the game musical chairs. We’re all moving and we don’t know who’s gonna be left standing when the music stops playing. That’s why many sellers (except for me), market their gigs outside of Fiverr, or they contact former clients, or they do other things.

It’s just the way things are. Nothing is guaranteed on Fiverr, even being a Top Rated Seller today doesn’t mean you won’t get demoted tomorrow.

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Cancelled orders - whether or not they affect your stats - will affect your appearance in search for 60 days. Annoying, but that’s the case.

My gigs are suffering from that right now.

However, it does give you an opportunity to market your gigs elsewhere, sign up on other platforms (always a good idea anyway), update your website if you have one … and focus on self care …

Take back your power - do other stuff and don’t just wait around feeling sorry for yourself …


Not for 60 days, maybe 3 days, and remember that every order you deliver that gets marked complete, also improves your rankings. Think of a casino’s player card, the casino doesn’t care if you’re winning or losing, as long as you’re playing. Lose or win $100? Maybe you’ll get a free buffet voucher, or a t-shirt, up your ante to $1,000, you might get a free night at the hotel.

Fiverr is similar, as long as you’re bringing business, your gigs will appear on search.