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Cancelled orders refunded


Hi folks, I have noticed whilst looking through my revenues I have had a few orders that have canceled and claimed the money back without even giving a reason why or notifying me. Is there anything I can do about this at all?


So just looking into this a little further I see the sellers account is no longer available, does this happen often? I have just looked through my cancellations and I have lost over $75 where customers have ordered and then cancelled even after giving me 5 star feedback with no explination and there accounts no longer exist! Great! how can I cut this down, I know I could never stop it happening, but I can’t afford to loose this amount each month.


This sounds like a chargeback or multiple chargebacks. This post will explain a little more about them:


Thank you some good info. I have decided to contact cs just to see if they can shed some light in the matter