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Cancelled some orders. Gig went to the last page

Hi my gig was in 1st page for couple of month. getting more than 10 orders per day. unfortunatley i had to cancel some order due to conflict of intrest and crazy buyers.

my cancellation rate is at 14% and my gig is LITERALLY is on the LAST page. not even kidding. with 0 impressions. this is a gig did 14k impressions per day.

what do i do to get it back?

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Get some orders from your recent buyers it is the only way to improve your cancellation rate .


It’s really sad and It’s unfortunate


worse part is, these cancellations were not even my fault. buyers buy and never sending me info. stuff like that. :frowning:

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yes i thought so too. thanks

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Be consistent and work hard sucess will be yours

Sounds like you won the Fiverr lottery.

Things will change.

Be patient.

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not as easy as it sounds :smiley: lots of sleepless nights <3 but i think i lost it all now.
Thank you for ur feedback

Hang in there.

Some Buyers are a bit clueless on how this platform works.

i agree. i contacted support on this. cause these canellaction were not my fault. i hope they will fix it.