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Cancelled Two Order after good review and 5 stars rating

Hello. I’m in shock. What’s going on? My 2 orders are complete. He even voted 5. How can something like this happen? I want my effort. I work this morning and night. And canceled without any information. Is that right? Both order and buyer happy both. There’s nothing wrong. I’m trying to finish at Studio. With great efforts. I deliver it. Then they use this work. But they want a refund. Unjust? I am trying to order from morning to evening in the studio. I wake up later and cancel my orders. Please, I want my money and my effort. I know I’m right. There’s no reason for a cancellation.

This can of abuse may be accur in grander Gigs or deals. This user or paypal? literally stole my work. This time it is for around 100 dollars and a day of work for me but it could have been 1000 dollars and weeks of work. How it is possible that you dont have a security policy or a money guarantee. I delivered it completely and it is for him/her to use. Buyer first ordered one and liked it and then voted 5 stars for my work then placed another order liked it and voted 5 stars again. Somewhere in the world buyer uses my efforts for free. And this person is MIA. I can not reach or sue him/her beacuse of Fiver policies? Right? How is it possible that you want people to stay anonym and chat only on Fiver which i do as you asked and dont protect the seller against this abuse?
And also, lets put the money situation aside. I worked on my Fiver Seller points to go up very hard. This situation also pulled my points very down.

Fiverr should try and protect seller, please advice.
Thank you for your time,



Most probably , a case of charge back again. Is the buyer still there at platform? Have you raised ticket with fiverr team?


The receiver is not on the platform. Fiverr said CS can’t do anything. No information provided

Aah! Very sorry for your loss mate. I know how it feels . I donot think you will be able to do anything apart from moving on now.

And donot feel bad, Karma hits such bad people hard .

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I am really sad for this…

Fiverr CS said they’d pay for my damage. Thank you Fiverr! This is really nice