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Cancelling a GIG for ethical reasons


I was contacted by a buyer for my name your business or product or website GIG and after the buyer submitted his creative brief as per my instructions, I had a really bad instinctual feeling he was trying to set up a phishing scam to gain access to people’s private information such as mobile phone numbers, address and bills they owe… This was the red flag for me - the premise of his inquiry was to name his new web site as he just inherited millions of dollars and was going to pay off everyday citizens bills - but they had to be registered users on his site, he stressed this point twice and that as a registered user they would provide that personal information.

It sounds to me as though he is trying to get peoples credit card account numbers and their address and phone number.

Anyway, I listened to my instinct and cancelled the gig. But now I am left with a poor rating and a negative comment.

Fiverr gurus, is there an appeal process I can follow to see if I can have this removed from my profile. I don’t feel I fairly deserved the negative marks for cancelling the gig.



Thank you!


Excellent point, I will do that right away. Thanks for the help.


Ok thank you very much, such quick and helpful advice at 5:23am, love it!


@joedmedia: Sounds like a phishing scam to me, as you mentioned.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Wow. Interesting. My sister is adopted and she was able to connect with her biological mother and sister through Facebook.


In the early days of my family tree gig I would have people contact me and they wanted research done because their was adoption issues. I was very nice and sympathtic but told them I could not help them. It breaks my heart that so many people still struggle (I have two siblings who are adopted so I know) but I had to place a disclaimer on my gig description stating I could not help with adoption issues as I am a genealogist not a P.I. This was an ethical decsion because I knew that I might be able to find someone but they may NOT want to be found.


Reply to @madmoo: I thought the only way you can cancel an order is through mutual cancellation. No?


Being a newb on here I did a force cancelation which was incorrect. Lesson learned quickly in my fiverr career to be cautious of scammers.


Reply to @madmoo: that sounds like some good advice, thanks to everyone for replying and being so helpful with suggestions and guidance.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Nice visual - for us textual impaired (read - lazy and likes pictures).