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Cancelling a order


I’m facing a problem with a buyer. a order get completed automatic because of buyer did not reply to order page delivery. now over a month this buyer asking to do many things even which impossible to do and he did not understanding the problem and now after 1 month he is saying he need full refund or he is going to leave a negative review. i had work 1 month for his mistakes. all the revisions because of he is changing his mind time to time.

my question is , does fiverr cancel the order if he ask from CS even 1 month pass? as i know he should contact within 14 days right? please advice

Thank you

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First of all, buyers cannot leave reviews after 30 days. So, if the order was completed more than 30 days ago, you can ignor the buyer’s threats. He can’t do anything.

Second, the order is complete. You don’t owe the buyer anything else. I would be cautious, though, especially if you guaranteed unlimited revisions, then, technically – legally – he can still ask for more work and you have to provide it. This is why you should never offer unlimited revisions. Set a limit to everything you offer in your gig. Unlimited revisions opens the door for buyers to take advantage of you.

If the order was completed more than 30 days ago, and the buyer hasn’t asked for any revisions before now, politely tell him that his time for revisions has expired. If he wants more work from you this long after the order was completed, he will have to place a new order.

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Thank you so much for the advice,

actually my problem is with him not the revisions. i do business cards and stationery. he placed a order for stationary and i deliver the files within 24h. and he was very happy and ask multiple revisions just for his content. because he just change the content time to time. i did everything and he said he way very happy and order get complete after few days due to he did not ask revisions.

then after few days he is back with crazy problem . he is yelling that he want to get print Business cards / Letterhead and envelops from his home printer using MS word. he never mention that he need designs from MS word but he mention that he need computer print ready files. it does not mean he need files in MS word. then even i send multiple times files in MS word format, but actually his problem is he want to print the cards and everything 100% perfectly from his home printer. also he don’t want to see any extra spaces on designs. but MS word and many home printers can not print to the edge. he is simply did not want to understand . is is 0 tech guy and i have no more words to clear this problem to him.

unfortunately i offer unlimited revisions on my gig. i did more than 1600 orders and this is the 1st buyer i got problem :frowning:
Thank you

Again, it all comes down to how long ago the order was marked as complete. If this was over 30 days ago, the buyer cannot leave any review – positive or negative. And, by 30 days past completion, I think you have a case for telling him that his opportunity for unlimited revisions has passed.

Don’t let entitled buyers push you around – especially of the order is 30 days past completion. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much… you are really grate…

I think you mean, “great”. :wink:

The word “grate” means something entirely different.

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I’m so sorry. i’m on mobile and just get wrong type…

No need to apologize. It happens. I was just pointing out the error. :wink:

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Feedback Removal policy allows feedback to be removed by Fiverr CS if it violates TOS, and includes false information or abuse towards the seller. So keep this in mind if you do somehow get a negative review for this work, or any work for that matter.

Feedback is essential to Fiverr platform, while buyers use it to compare sellers and sellers use it to improve services, but it must be accurate. Being too vague does not necessarily constitute as a violation; the comment in review must clearly include violation.